Best places for family dining in Hefei

Here's a list of Best places for family dining in Hefei recommended by our experts:

Li Hongzhang's Combination

Restaurant in Hefei

Li Hongzhang's Combination prepared with fresh water prawn, snails, chicken, sea cucumber, abalone and shark's fin.

Pigeon And Mushroom Soup

Restaurant in Hefei

Pigeon and Mushroom soup Yellow Mountain fungus, baby pigeeon slowly cooked in a clay pot

Clay Pot Fish

Restaurant in Hefei

Clay Pot Fish fresh fish from Changjiang River cooked with ham

Fish Bites Lamb

Restaurant in Hefei

Fish Bites Lamb fresh mandarin fish stuffed with lamb


Restaurant in Hefei

Crayfish (小龙虾 xiǎo lóngxiā). This is Hefei's signature food. The longxia are boiled and then eaten with dipping sauces, usually vinegary or spicy. One pound (一斤...

Noodles In Chopsticks (24 Xiaoshi Mian)

Restaurant in Hefei

Located in the Holiday Inn, this noodle house will satisfy your hunger pangs 24 hours a day. There's a noodle for practically every taste, from the simple ...

Lao Xie Longxia

Restaurant in Hefei

Located on a street that's been dubbed "longxia yi tiao lu" or "a street filled with lobsters," this restaurant packs them in every night of the week. Longxia ...