Most popular vegetarian restaurants in Wenzhou

Here's a list of Most popular vegetarian restaurants in Wenzhou recommended by our experts:

India Restaurant

Nanpu Road (南浦路; Nánpǔlù) , Wenzhou

India Restaurant (印度餐厅; Yìndùcāntīng), Nanpu Road (南浦路; Nánpǔlù). Fine Indian cuisine, possibly a little too much oil for some palettes, but a popular choice ...

Arabic Restaurant

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Arabic Restaurant (阿拉伯科餐厅; Ālābókēcāntīng), (Near Chezhan Street (车站大道; Chēzhàndàdào)). Friendly staff who speak enough English and a menu in passable English, ... more


Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Potatoes. Many "Potato-men" stake out good spots around Wenzhou and sell you potatoes. ¥2.  


Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Do&Me. Another Chinese style fried chicken fast-food restaurant, many of them dot the city.  

Super Bee Pizza

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Super Bee Pizza. The Wenzhou answer to the Western Pizza Chains, Super Bee Pizza has a wide menu although some choices are a little pricey. There are at least ... more


Dico's. Chinese style fried chicken, with wraps that are surprisingly easy on the taste buds.Unfortunately, the one that was present in Wuma Street (五马街)has ... more

Bread Talk

Bread Talk. There are two Bread Talks in Wenzhou, one in the downtown area near Wuma Street (五马街) and the other is in the European City shopping district (欧洲城... more


McDonalds. There are three of the burger giant, one on Renmin Lu (人民路) near the KAITAI superstore, one in the European City shopping district (欧洲城) and one at ...


Renmin West Road (人民西路; Rénmínxīlù) , Wenzhou

Delizia, Renmin West Road (人民西路; Rénmínxīlù). This Italian style coffee shop is worth a miss. High prices and a bad menu contribute to an uncomfortable ... more


Daiwo Sushi, Wuma, Lucheng, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, 325000

Sushi. Not the name of a specific restaurant but a note that the number of Sushi restaurants in Wenzhou has exploded. There are two on Ladies' Street (女人街) near... more