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1N Ahmedabad , 1N Dasada , 2N Bhuj , 1N Gondal , 2N Sasan Gir , 2N Diu , 2N Bhavnagar and 1N Ahmedabad

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Day Wise Itinerary

Gujarat is a beautiful state of vibrant colours with many breath-taking holiday destinations and warm people. Gujarat tour packages have gained popularity over the past couple of years attracting thousands of tourists from world over. From the coastline of Daman in the South to the Rann of Kutch in the North and Western hill to the Aravali hills in the East, package tour of Gujarat has many facets to explore.

Here is how you will spend your time
Day 1

Day 01 : Arrival At Ahmedabad

Arrival in Ahmedabad and transfer to hotel Ahmedabad is Located on the banks of the river Sabarmati, the city was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411. Today it is one of the fastest growing cities of India and is an immense repository of tradition, history and culture. Its famous walled area is one of the finest examples of community living and the city thrived as the textile capital and was nicknamed “Manchester of the East' in 1888. This multicultural city is home to some of the finest Indo-Saracenic mosques and Jain temples. The Sidi Sayed Ni Jaali with its delicately curved branches in a masterpiece carved in stone. The elaborate havelis of wealthy Guajarati Sethias are part of the city's living heritage. In the early 20th century Ahmedabad grew an important center for nationalist activities after Mahatma Gandhi established two ashrams in the city- the Kochrab Ashram in 1915 and Sabarmati Ashram in 1917. The thriving city has always been the financial capital of Gujarat and after independence international architects like Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier were commissioned to build modern architectural marvels in the city. While the former built the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) building in brick, le Corbusier designed the Shodhan and Sarabhai Villas, the Sanskar Kendra and the Mill Owner's Association in stark concrete. Like any other mega-polis, Ahmedabad straddles the ancient and modern with equal poise. The old city with its narrow, meandering streets is a conglomeration of 600 pols, divided according to caste and occupation. Each pol or family estate is decorated with large gates and sometimes even sub-gates to increase the bond amongst families. There are over 12000 havelis and 100 chabutras or bird feeding platforms and the stately Badshah No Haziro, the resting place of Sultan Ahmed Shah. The ornate jaalis amongst the pillared portico filter the afternoon sun to form remarkable shadows on the marble floor. Behind the mausoleum, is the Great Mosque or the Jami Masjid built in 1423 by the Sultan Ahmed Shah I. During the sightseeing tour one can visit The Calico Museum with a prior permission from museum authority. The museum conducts 02 hours guided tour every day except Wednesdays and public holidays at 10:30 Hrs. to 12:30 Hrs. Rights of admission to the Museum and the Galleries are reserved by the Management. (no entry after 10:45 am) Afternoon - visit Gandhi Ashram, Shreyas Folk and Art Museum, and Institute of Indology. Gandhi Ashram: On a quiet peaceful stretch of the Sabarmati River, Mahatma Gandhi set up a simple retreat in 1915 A.D. This was his Satyagrah Ashram and for many years it was the nerve centre of India's freedom movement. It was from here, in 1930 A.D, that Mahatma began his historic Dandi March to the sea to protest against the Salt Tax imposed by the British. Hridaya Kunj, the simple cottage where he lived is now a national monument and preserved as it was during the Mahatma's life-time. Shreyas Folk Museum is an educational museum exhibiting folk arts and crafts of Gujarat. The museum is open from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm on all days except Mondays and public holidays. Photography is not permitted and visitors are charged a modest fee. Evening Market at Law Garden displays beautiful textile handicrafts of Gujarat.

Things to see and do

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram (also known as Gandhi Ashram, Harijan Ashram, or Satyagraha Ashram) is located in the Sabarmati suburb ofAhmedabad, Gujarat, adjoining the Ashram Road, on ...

Gandhi Ashram, Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya Ahmedabad Gujarat India 380 ...
Phone: +917927557277

sanskar kendra

Sanskar Kendra is a museum at Ahmadabad, India designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier. It is a city museum depicting history, art, culture and architecture of ...

Opposite Tagor Hall, Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007
Phone: 079 2322 2523

Indian Institute of Management (IIM)

Indian Institute of Management (IIM)[3], in Vastrapur, one of the best B-School of Management in India was built by Louis Kahn and is a wonderful architectural creation.

Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015, India
Phone: 079 6632 5700

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid (also spelled Jame Mosque, Jami Masjid, Jameh Mosque, Jamia Masjid or Jomeh Mosque) refers to the main mosque of a town, city or village, and is usually the place ...

Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001, Gandhi Rd, Danapidth, Khadia, ...
Phone: 9099645037

Shreyas Folk & Art Museum

The museum is divided into three sections. The Shreyas Kalpana Mangaldas Balayatan Museum is the museum for toys, crafts and performing arts. Weapons, toys, mask etc from over...

Shreyas Tekra hill, Ambavadi | Near Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, India
Phone: NA

Day 2

Day 02 : Ahmedabad To Modhera (110 Kms) – Patan (40 Kms) – Dasada (90 Kms)

After breakfast drive to Dasada enroute visiting, Modhera Sun Temple and Patan. Modhera: The Sun temple of Modhera is one of the finest examples of Indian architecture of its period. Built in 1026 A.D. the temple is dedicated to the Sun-God, Surya and stands high on a plinth overlooking a deep stone-steeped tank. Every inch of the edifice, both inside and outside is magnificently carved with Gods and Goddesses, birds, beasts and flowers. Sun Temple of Modhera was built by King Bhimdev I (1026-27) and bears some resemblance to the later and far better known, Sun Temple of Konark in the state of Orissa, which it predates by some 200 years. Like that temple, it was designed so that the dawn sun shone on the image of Surya, the sun God, at the time of the equinoxes. The main hall and shrine are reached through a pillared porch and the temple exterior is intricately and delicately carved. As with the temple of Somnath, this fine temple was ruined by Mohamed of Ghazni. Patan: Home of the famous Patola silk saris, Patan is a beautiful old town with Jain temples and carved wooden houses. Rani Ki vav (step well) is an excellent example of subterranean architecture of Gujarat. The exclusively carved side walls, pillars, beams, series of steps and platforms lead to the elaborately carved water well. Every surface is adorned with finely chiselled sculptures of maidens and Hindu deities, religious motifs and geometrical patterns. Later drive to Dasada.

Things to see and do

Modhera Sun Temple

The Sun Temple, Modhera, at Modhera in Gujarat, is a temple dedicated to the Hindu Sun-God, Surya. It was built in 1026 AD by King Bhimdev of the Solanki dynasty. This temple ...

Modhera, India

Travel from Ahmedabad to Dasada


1hrs 7min


1hrs 31min

Day 3

Day 03 : Dasada To Bhuj

Today morning safari into Little Rann Of Kutch, we will drive to Bhuj. The Little Rann Kutch is a depression that during the rainy season is first invaded by salt water and then the Indian Ocean and fresh water of the rains, becoming a pescosissima area of brackish water. With the end of the rains the waters recede, creating arid areas and wetlands, and the latter are to winter thousands of migratory birds including flamingos and cranes until the arrival of summer. These characteristics make it a unique ecosystem. The Little Rann and 'the last place where a few surviving specimens (three thousand) dell'onagro, the Indian wild ass (EquushemionusKhur), an ancient animal that the Sumerians used to pull carts. In the Little Rann has focused Agaryas ethnicity, dedicated to the extraction of salt from the desert during the period that goes from the end of the monsoon in early summer, then from October to April. After their takeover of the fishermen, that during the rains, tweak their own networks and surf the brackish waters, especially shrimp fishing. Continue drive to Bhuj; On Arrival, check in at Hotel. Evening visit the Bazaar and Aiana Mahal Museum; Aiana Mahal: It was constructed by Rao Lakhpatji (1707-61 A.D.) in 1750 A.D., who was a great patron of art, architecture, music and literature. Aiana Mahal is a unique example of an Indian palace built in the mid-eighteenth century with European influence. Overnight at hotel.

Things to see and do

Shri Krishna Pranami Temple

Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham popularly known as Khijada Mandir situated in Jamnagar, Gujarat was founded by Nijanand Swami Shri Devchandreji the former Achraya of Shri Krishna ...

Bhuj, India
Phone: 919998044239

Travel from Dasada to Bhuj


4hrs 41min


6hrs 15min

Taxi, bus

7hrs 31min

Day 4

Day 04 : Bhuj To Full Day Excursion To Banni Villages

After Breakfast proceed for full day excursion tour to Banni Region. Amidst the Desert land of infinite dimensions, are suspended, quaint little villages. These are the last villages on the India-Pakistan border. Here you will come across master craft people' exposing their traditional art, turning out master pieces every day. Their ornaments, clothes, utensils, everything they use - will make you feel as if you have stepped into lifestyle museum leaving you spellbound. Banni Embroidery of Kutch This needle work derived its name from the semi-desert areas called Banni in the Kutch district. It is a long tract of 2,144 Sq. Km. where 44 villages form hamlets (Vandhs) People in this area are engaged in tertiary occupations like embroidery, leather work, dairy and other cottage industries. Banni embroidery is locally known as "Kutch Bharat" Khambira, Kharek, Kodi, Kacho Bharat Fako, Bharat etc are main stitches used in this area. The work is known for minute designs gorgeous colours embroidered articles are closely associated with their day to day needs. The grasslands of Banni are scattered with villages of pastoral groups. As the women of these groups do embroidery for their personal use and a supplementary income, this is one of the highest concentration areas of craftswomen in the world. Khavda (85 Km.) – a Small village, One can visit to Khatrivas to see artisans printing & selling Ajrakh. The town also has skilled Leather Craftsmen and there are some shops retailing local crafts, including Leather Slippers. Off the main road is a clinic run by Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS), Federation of Kutchi Women's groups. Ludia Village is comprised of several hamlets belonging to the Meghwal & Samma Communities. The latter community, primarily herdsmen, is more conservative when it comes to tourists. Gandhi nu Gam, populated by the Meghwal community, features beautifully Painted Bhungas .The Kanjari (Blouses) of the women and the Bhunga decoration of this village are especially colorful. To curb exploitation and experiment with community marketing, the hamlet has set up an “Otlo” or a roofed platform next to the Temple, where each household brings out their embroidered goods for selling.Drive to Hodka. Take typical Kutchi Lunch at Shaame-e-Sarhad Village Resort. Hodka – a cultural village is located in the Banni Grassland, right on the edge of the great Salt Desert – the Rann. The name Hodka is derived from the Gujarati word “Hodi” meaning Boat, as the shape of the Jheel is believed to be in the shape of a Boat. It is believed to have been set up by the Halepotra clan. 'Halepotra' literally means the 'Son or the descendant of Halaji', who is believed to have immigrated from Sindh. The village is now a part of National project. The village is famous for its craft like Decorative Mirrors, Lamps, Hand Fans, Letter Boxes, Wall Hanging, Lather, Clay, Wood, Metal, Mud Work and especially the exquisite Silver Jewellery. The artisans sell their goods directly from their artistic Huts. Visit the Bhirandiyara – is a favorite Tea stop for locals and visitors alike on the road to Khavda. The village boasts of a delicious sweet – fresh Maavo. This milk-based sweet is best when eaten hot. Most of the roadside stalls sell Maavo. The local Meghwal Community has exquisite embroideries and skillfully decorated, colorful Mud Bhungas. Mud-Mirror work - Lippan kam is a decorative art done by common people mainly women. Lippan kam is done inside Bhungas / mud huts in villages of Kutch; sometimes you can find it on outer walls too. Generally women make birds, trees, animals, and peacock, human figures etc in Lippan kam. It is done with a mixture of clay and camel dung. Then gum is used to stick mirrors. Originality of Lippan kam lies in adding no color or only whites. Small round, diamond-shaped or triangle mirror pieces are essential to Lippan kam. NOTE : This is to bring your kind notice that all the tourists visiting Bhuj / Kutch area are required to Obtain the permit from the Police Office for the interior Kutch visit the villages north of Kutch, including Khavda, Bhirandiyara and Dumaro.
Day 5

Day 05 : Bhuj To Rajkot (250 Kms) – Gondal (40 Kms)

  • In the morning, after breakfast drive to Rajkot. Rajkot is a very pleasant provincial town. Mahatma Gandhi spent a few years of his life in this town. His father was the Dewan (Chief Minister) of Rajkot, once a small princely State. In the evening arrive Rajkot and visit Kaba Gandhi No Delo (literally "Kaba Gandhi's house"). Mahatma Gandhi spent the early days of his life here. You can see the exhibition of Gandhi's items here. This will be followed by a visit to Rajkumar College. Mahatma Gandhi completed his secondary education from this school. After lunch drive to Gondal.
  • Gondal: The Riverside palace at Gondal, a Govt. of India classified heritage hotel, and the Orchard Palace in the same town, are two mansion guest houses opened as heritage hotels. The interiors of these properties are equipped with period furniture, antiques and artefacts reminiscent of the days of the Raj. The highlight of staying at these properties is that guests can see the Royal Garages, housing vintage and classic cars, and the Naulakha Palace, which is a festival of stone carvings & houses royal memorabilia including toys of the late 19th and early 20th century, silver caskets that carried messages and gifts for the Maharaja, elephant howdahs and royal portaits. It has a royal saloon suite, which has its own drawing, dining, bedroom and bathroom in a converted railway carriage. Overnight at hotel.

Travel from Bhuj to Gondal


4hrs 4min


10hrs 29min


11hrs 3min

Day 6

Day 06 : Gondal To Junagadh (70 Kms) – Sasangir (60 Kms)

  • After breakfast drive to Junagadh. Junagadh is situated in the Saurashtra region at the foot of the temple-studded Mount Girnar, on the northern fringes of the Gir forest. The city takes its name from the fort that enclosed the medieval town. Visit Forts, Ashoka Rock Edicts and Maqbara. Continue Drive to Sasan Gir. Sasan Gir, Popularly known as Gir, the most famous loin sanctuary in India. And the one place in the subcontinent where Asiatic Loins can be found in the wild. Sasan Gir on the south-western border of Saurashtra peninsula in Gujarat and is home to nearly 400 Asiatic loins. The Sanctuary was created in 1913 to provide protections to the largest surviving groups of the Asiatic loins and was given the status of the sanctuary in 1965; the numbers of loins has been steadily on the rise since 1980.This is the only place in the World outside the African continent where the loin can be seen in its natural habitat. The loin safaris are popular among tourist & jeep are freely available for touring the forest. Though the most famous inhabitants of the park are Asiatic loins .It is also provides natural habitat to a lot of other species like chital, Chinkara (Gazelle) four horned antelope. Leopard, Nilgai, spotted deer, wild boar, wild ass, monkeys, parrots and peacocks, many others birds etc.
  • Overnight at hotel.

Things to see and do

Girnar Mountain

The Girnar Mountain is situated at 4 km east of Junagadh District. It is 1100 m high and its main attractions comprise of the Jain Temples situated on its hilltop. These ...

Girnar Mountain, Sasan Gir, India
Phone: Not Available

Travel from Gondal to Sasan Gir


1hrs 57min


2hrs 8min

Day 7

Day 07 : Sightseeing Tour Of Sasangir

0630 hrs : Early morning game drive. Early morning Game Drive in exclusive Gypsy into the Park where your naturalist will talk to you about the wildlife found in this Park. 1430hrs : Evening Game Drive Evening game drive in exclusive Gypsy into the Park where your naturalist will talk to you about the wildlife found in this Park. And if you are lucky you will spot the Lion 1800 hrs: Return to the Hotel. Overnight at hotel.
Day 8

Day 08 : Sasangir To Somnath (40 Kms) – Diu (90 Kms)

After breakfast drive to visit the Somnath temple (50km). This temple is one of the twelve most sacred shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva and a Jyotirlinga. According to the legend, Somnath temple was built originally in gold by Somraj, the moon god. This Somnath temple was rebuilt and destroyed seven times till 1706 A.D when it was destroyed by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. After that it was finally rebuilt in 1950 with the support of Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel. After visiting the Somnath temple we drive to Diu. Diu is a tiny island in the Arabian Sea which is situated near the port of Veraval in Gujarat and is separated from the southern extremity of the Saurashtra peninsula by a narrow channel running through the swamp. Diu is a sensuous blend of sun, sand and deep blue sea. Day free for leisure at Nagoa beach. The beach is exceptionally beautiful and quiet and is in the shape of a horse-shoe (semi circular). Overnight at hotel.

Things to see and do

Somnath Temple

The Somnath Temple is situated at 46 km from Sasan-Gir. It is one of the most popular and ancient Hindu religious temple of India. The temple is said to be one of the richest ...

Somnath Temple, Sasan Gir, India
Phone: Not Available

Nagoa Beach

It is located near the Nagoa hamlet of the village of Bucharwada. The Beach is exceptionally beautiful and quiet. In this horse , shoe shaped beach, various water sports ...

Diu, Diu 362520, Daman and Diu
Phone: Not available

Travel from Sasan Gir to Diu


1hrs 50min

Day 9

Day 09 : Sightseeing Tour Of Diu

  • After breakfast, a full day tour to monuments and beaches of Diu.
  • St.Paul's church: The Church adorned with curiously treated volutes and shell-like motifs and the magnificent wood carving is considered to be the most elaborate of all the Portuguese churches in India. St.Thomas Church Museum: A huge edifice in gothic architecture was built in 1598 A.D. A part of it has been converted into a museum, an Archaeological treasure house.
  • Diu Fort: This majestic structure stands on the coast of Diu sentinel. Once inside, you are overwhelmed by the gaunt majesty of the ancient stone work which transports you to a bygone era of gallant, where time stands still. The fort offers a kaleidoscopic view of Diu town. Nagoa beach: The Nagoa beach is exceptionally beautiful and secluded. The horse-shoe (semicircular) shaped, palm-fringed beach is twenty minutes invigorating drive from Diu. Overnight at hotel.

Things to see and do

Diu Fort

The Diu Fort, is located on the west coast of India in Diu, a Union Territory, administered by the Government of India. The fort was built by the Portuguese during their ...

Diu, Daman and Diu 362520
Phone: 02875 252 292

Nagoa Beach

It is located near the Nagoa hamlet of the village of Bucharwada. The Beach is exceptionally beautiful and quiet. In this horse , shoe shaped beach, various water sports ...

Diu, Diu 362520, Daman and Diu
Phone: Not available

Day 10

Day 10 : Diu To Bhavnagar (200 Kms)

  • Today after breakfast drive to Bhavnagar check in at hotel afternoon sightseeing of the city.Bhavnagar was founded by Bhavsinhji Gohil in 1723 AD near the Gulf of Khambhat, on a carefully chosen strategic location having potential of maritime trade. Till independence, Bhavnagar State was ruled by the Gohil Rajput clan.Gaurishanker Lake: A beautiful picnic spot near the lake. There is also a well laid out park. Takhteshwar Temple: Situated on a hill, the site provides a panoramic view.
  • Lock Gate: The first of its kind in Gujarat. The sea-water here is impounded by the lock gates to keep ships afloat during low tide, which could be seen with special permission. This temple is among the more prominent ones in the Swaminarayan Sampradaya. The image of Hanuman was installed by Gopalanand Swami. According to author Raymond Williams, it is reported that when Gopalanand Swami installed the image of Hanuman, he touched it with a rod and the image came alive and moved. This story becomes a charter for the healing ritual performed at this temple. The image of Hanuman here is a stout figure with a handlebar moustache, crushing a female demon under his foot and baring his teeth, standing among sculpted foliage full of fruit bearing monkey attendants. The image of this temple is said to be so powerful that a mere look at it by people affected by evil spirits out of the people affected. Saturday is the designated day for a special ritual (as Saturday is dedicated to Hanuman) for those affected by mental illnesses and mental disorders. They are brought to the temple to be touched by the rod used by Gopalanand Swami during the installation ceremony of the image. This rod has been covered in silver. The temple administration has hired a Brahmin householder to act as a priest at the temple & conduct this ritual. After this, the person affected is instructed to circumambulate the shrine and repeat this after doing darshan a number of times. Some people take a special vow to do this a certain number of times or to chant the Swaminarayan Mahamantra while doing this. Overnight at hotel.

Travel from Diu to Bhavnagar


4hrs 38min


16hrs 17min

Day 11

Day 11 : Bhavnagar To Palitana – Bhavnagar (60 Kms One Way)

Today we will drive to Palitana. Palitana is the gateway to the Shatrunjaya hill and one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for Jains. There are about 863 temples on the top of the hill, exquisitely carved in marble and built over a span of 900 years. After reaching the top of the hill we will visit the Jain temple. The temple which is dedicated to Shri Adishwara, the first Jain Tirthankara (apostle) is one of the most magnificent temples and the most sacred temple on Shatrunjaya hill. After visiting the temple we will visit the Chaumukha or the four faced temple. It has an image of Adinath facing out in the four cardinal directions. Overnight at hotel.
Day 12

Day 12 : Bhavnagar To Lothal (140 Kms) – Ahmedabad (90 Kms)

  • Today, after breakfast do an excursion to Lothal. Lothal: A perfect place to get an insight of the Indus Valley civilization. The most dominating site at Lothal is the massive dockyard spanning an area of 37 meters by 22 meters perhaps the greatest work of Maritime Architecture. Lothal was also famous for its arterial streets, microbes of gold, ivory and coppersmiths' workshops, potteries and underground sanitary drainage. It is located at a distance of 78 kms from Ahmedabad. (Closed on Fridays).
  • Overnight at hotel.

Travel from Bhavnagar to Ahmedabad


2hrs 34min


5hrs 25min


5hrs 30min

Day 13

Day 13 : Departure From Ahmedabad

After breakfast drive to Airport to board flight for your next destination.

Hotels Included

Holiday Inn Express Ahmedabad (4 star)

Ashram Rd, Amdavad - 380013, Ahmedabad

Rann Riders Safari Resort

SH 18, Dist Surendranagar - 382750, Dasada

Kutch Safari Lodge

Near Rudramata Dam, Khavada Road - 370001, Bhuj

The Orchard Palace (3 star)

Huzoor Palace Complex Gondal - 360311 Gujarat, India, Gondal

Lion Safari Camp (3 star)

Near Hirneshwar Temple, Check Dam, Chitrod - 362133, Sasan Gir

Radhika Beach Resort (3 star)

Nagoa Beach Road - 362520, Daman

Nilambagh Palace Hotel (4 star)

Near Vithalwadi Petrol Pump, Nilambaug Circle - 364002, Bhavnagar

Holiday Inn Express Ahmedabad (4 star)

Ashram Rd, Amdavad - 380013, Ahmedabad

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  • 0 to 7 days before travel - cancellation charges will be 100% of the tour cost. No refund shall be given
  • Please note cancellation policy is subject to change. It depends on the hotel policy. In peak season, some hotels may charge 100% cancellation.

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