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Vera A. 18 Jan 14
It was already a rule in duty free purchases, for about the price of the goods in accordance with quality guaranteed by warranty..
Andrew S. 29 Nov 13
Hyper inflated prices. Don't bother.
ใŠใกใใ‚“ 22 Nov 13
Liam D. 03 Aug 13
Do not be fooled. Prices suck, selection sucks, staff sucks, worst of all you went all the way there, and you leave with nothing...you should simply throw you money in the toilet and relax at home.
Brian H. 03 Aug 13
What a shitty store. Horrible selection of wine, same prices as the local grocery store and the insult to injury: you can't take it with you, you have to pick it up at the airport on the way out!
Paula P. 01 Jun 13
The people are very Nice, but the price is not that good. Bali's gifts are worth it. :)
Amir A. 26 May 13
Follow mas Bali genteng @AmirAssyraf
Wayne 24 Apr 13
The things here are expensive than Malaysia, I can get it lesser than 10-20%
Katsu Y. 19 Apr 13
NYORIWO A. 22 Mar 13
PotatoGirl 16 Feb 13
No Armani beauty here also:-(
Novita P. 20 Aug 12
Kalau mau belanja dsni, jgn lp bawa ticket keberangkatan khusus org Indonesia + passport
Aries A. 06 Jul 12
Wanna find the luxury imported goods with no tax price?just come,this is the best place
Dith D. 20 Oct 11
www.an3balidriver.com 1-nichi kanko ¥ 4500
poe 08 Aug 11
jalan jalan
Ghoest A. 24 Jul 11
Nunggu tamu boking,,,,
Cahyani U. 07 Mar 11
Office bali galeria
Cahyani U. 24 Feb 11
ngantuk...lama banget jam 4 nox...pulaanngg....huayem.....
Rio D. 24 Feb 11
Naniek N. 02 Feb 11
Happy shopping ya jeng .... Hehehe
Rio D. 06 Jan 11
Jam2 ngantuk....
ALba M. 05 Jan 11
Errico N. 25 Nov 10
Rio D. 16 Nov 10
Rio D. 16 Nov 10
Marwana P. 21 Aug 10
tempat yang nyaman buat cuci mata...dah gitu sebelahan sama kantor Indosat jadi makin nikmat pake Paket Irit Indosat ngaciiiiir...
Agus W. 18 Aug 10
simpang siur
Errico N. 13 Aug 10
Yeaaahh major....
Errico N. 04 Aug 10
Kapan aku jd major disini...