Activities to do on Weekends in Delhi

Here's a list of Activities to do on Weekends in Delhi recommended by our experts:

Bungee Jumping In Delhi

Things to do in Delhi

Bungee Jumping,is a spectacular attraction and an exhilarating experience for all who participate.The average age of jumpers is between 16 and 40, but the limit...

Safdarjung Enclave

Things to do in Delhi
Art And CultureWeekendsPhotographyHistory

Safdarjung Enclave is one of the most significant territories of south west Delhi. Safdarjung, named after the Nawab of Awadh, is one of the oldest colonies in ...

Delhi Heritage Walks

Things to do in Delhi
Road TripWeekendsPhotographyFirst Timers

Delhi Heritage Walks is a team of young people who organise walking tours to lesser known areas in the city of Delhi...Delhi region is roughly a triangular area...

Old Delhi Bazaar & Food Walk

Things to do in Delhi
Food And DiningWeekendsWalking

What probably very few people know about the Old Delhi food trail is the fact that this particular part of the city, famed for its kebabs and biryanis, also ...

National Zoological Park

Things to do in Delhi
KidsWildlifeWeekendsBird Watching

National Zoological Park is located in the southern parts of the city and is renowned for innumerable number of animal species it houses, just as it promotes ...

Other Recommendations

Hoho Delhi

Things to do in Delhi

HOHO Delhi, Delhi Tourism's Hop-On-Hop-Off Sightseeing bus takes you to 20+ tourist attractions of Delhi including World Heritage Monuments, Museums and ...

Delhi Urban Adventures

Things to do in Delhi
Road TripFirst TimersWalkingFamily

Ready for a Delhi sightseeing tour experience that will overload all your senses was an amazing range of sights, smells and sounds from this bustling city, ...

Delhi Food Adventure

Things to do in Delhi

Delhi Food Adventure is an organization that provides Food Walks to international visitors and enables them to experience the best food and walking experience ...

Old Delhi Rickshaw Ride

Things to do in Delhi

If exploring Old Delhi is what you desire, hopping on a rickshaw is your best bet. Dodging the pedestrian traffic (both 2 footed and 4-footed kind), the cycles ...