Activities to do on Weekends in Kullu

Here's a list of Activities to do on Weekends in Kullu recommended by our experts:

Tirthan Fishing

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Popular among tourists for trout fishing in river Tirthan. It is situated 58 km from Kullu. Other fishing areas are Katrain, Rasol, Naggar along river Tirthan, ...

Trekking In Kheer Ganga

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Trekking to Kheer Ganga, an adventurous journey into the world of nature's beauty and serenity. This is an amazing experience, and it's just like traveling to a...

Paragliding In Kullu Valley

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Kullu valley, is one of the finest launch sites in the world, is a heaven for Aerosport enthusiasts. Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure ...

Rafting In Kullu Valley

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In Kullu Valley, white water rafting can be enjoyed in the river Beas throughout the year except during the period from 15-July to 15-September. However rafting...

Other Recommendations

Skiing In Kullu Valley

Things to do in Kullu

The region of Kullu valley is famous for skiing. Skiing involves sliding on snow with the help of a snow board or a pair of skies attached to your feet. Skiing ...

Trekking In Himalayas

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The magnificent Himalayas have a unique place in the history and legend of India. There are four mountain ranges Great Himalayan trekking range, Dhauladhar ...

Camping In Himalayas

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This is the Twin Valley treasure in it's lengths and breaths as one travel destination - from high altitude camping to river camping and from village-home-stays...

Jeep Safaris In Himalayas

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A Jeep Safari is a mix of culture and adventure. Jeep Safari is the best option to explore the Himalayan regions of India, and also the a Tribal Area of ...

Jalori Pass

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Jalori Pass, at an altitude of 3134 m, is one of the attractions of Himachal Pradesh. It links inner and outer Seraj. Blessed with panoramic views, the new ...

Mountain Biking

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To explore the Himalaya on a mountain bike you need a reasonable level of strength. Having base at or near Manali you have unlimited options from day trips to ...