Best cheap eats in town in Melbourne

Here's a list of Best cheap eats in town in Melbourne recommended by our experts:

The Moor's Head

Restaurant in Melbourne

The Moor's Head is the colloquial name given to the top of the still used to make Arak the aniseed drink native to Lebanon.It is best place to eat pizza which ...


Restaurant in Melbourne

Beatrix is one of North Melbourne's hidden treasures - quite literally. Tucked in on the corner of Queensberry and Lothian Street, Beatrix is almost hidden from...

Gypsey & Musquito

Cafe in Melbourne

Gypsy and Mosquito is a local caf in many senses. It's not just that local residents are frequent patrons, but more importantly the menu utilises locally ...

La TortillerĂ­a

Restaurant in Melbourne

La Tortilleria is a traditional Mexican tortilleria, producing truly authentic corn tortillas for the Melbourne community. Tortillas are made from scratch at ...


Restaurant in Melbourne

A Malaysian restaurantwith a culture of Malaysia is best experienced through its vast array of culinary delights. In the heart of every Malaysian exists a ...

Rockwell And Sons

Restaurant in Melbourne

This restaurant is one of the best for e ating & drinking in a casual setting. The atmosphere around the restaurant is good . The dinner timings is from 6pm to ...

Red Pepper

Restaurant in Melbourne

The food was good and tasty, although the butter chicken was deemed too spicy by the kids. The serving sizes were reasonable and the food quality fine, although...

Shandong Mama

Restaurant in Melbourne

Our in-house made dumpling skins come in three different grades of thickness to match the filling and method of cooking. While the fish dumplings taste best in ...

Shanghai Dumpling House

Restaurant in Melbourne

Camy Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant is ever-popular, with its generous serves and speedy service. This unpretentious and unassuming little cafe is tucked away off...

Thanh Ha

Restaurant in Melbourne

This is one of the best tasting and value places to eat in Vic Street. Reminds me of the old days before prices and decor took over. No fuss here. Come for the ...