Best cheap eats in town in Singapore

Here's a list of Best cheap eats in town in Singapore recommended by our experts:

328 Katong Laksa

Restaurant in Singapore
AsianAuthentic LocalChinese

328 Katong Laksa, 51 East Coast Rd. Just across the street from #49, this was one of the factions of the "laksa wars" of yore. Now franchised all over Singapore...

Sabar Menanti Restaurant

Restaurant in Singapore

Established over 50 years ago, Sabar Menanti Restaurant simply means good things come to those who wait. This well known Malay restaurant, specialising in ...


Restaurant in Singapore

Annalakshmi is an international chain of vegetarian restaurants operating in a unique concept of "Eat to your heart's content, Pay what your heart feels". It is...

Fosters The English Rose Cafe

Cafe in Singapore

This casual restaurant calls itself 'an English rose cafe' and serves classic grilled steaks in English style.

Jai Thai

Restaurant in Singapore

Jai Thai Restaurant is renowned as having the "Most Value for Money Thai Restaurant in Singapore. Every items on the menu is done with meticulous care with ...

Other Recommendations

Qun Zhong Eating House

Restaurant in Singapore

Qun Zhong Eating House, 21 Neil Rd. Well-known for its dumplings, above all the Beijing-style jiaozi, but the Shanghai-style xiao long bao aren't bad either. ...

Al-azhar Eating Restaurant

Restaurant in Singapore

Al-Azhar provides what exactly you want. Great quality food and value for your money.Food hygiene and cleanliness are very important to us. Al-Azhar's we just ...

126 Eating House

Restaurant in Singapore

Very nice place to have your dim sum fix if you are not picky about the ambience and service but only cheap and good food. Amongst all the dim sum place like ...

Al-ameen Eating Corner

Restaurant in Singapore

An oasis for an array of Indian cuisine in the HDB area far from Seragoon Road. You will find the local delights like Prata and Mee Goreng, but they up the ante...

Loong Fatt Eating House & Confectionary

Restaurant in Singapore

Loong Fatt Eating House & Confectionary, 639 Balestier Road. Arguably the original tau sar piah shop, which has received Makansutra's highest rating of "Die, ...