Best Chinese Restaurants in Medan

Here's a list of Best Chinese Restaurants in Medan recommended by our experts:

Mie Tiong Sim Selat Panjang

Restaurant in Medan

This place was better the previous time one of us visited. Tasty food, short wait, menu was understandable, but staff English was limited and they forgot some ...

Other Recommendations

Jade Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant in Medan

Enjoy Medan dining featuring authentic Cantonese cuisine from the south of China with contemporary presentation. Enjoy a large variety of signature items and ...

Medan Vegetarian

Restaurant in Medan

Restaurants range from inexpensive and informal lunching or dining places catering to people working nearby, with simple food served in simple settings at low...

Trattoria Medan

Restaurant in Medan

Trattoria has become known to ex pats, tourists and locals as the original home style Italian restaurant. Serving award winning authentic Italian cuisine and ...