Best Golf Courses to play in Selfoss

Here's a list of Best Golf Courses to play in Selfoss recommended by our experts:

Kidjaberg Golf Course

Golf Course in Selfoss

The course is a relatively new addition to Iceland's golfing scene, having opened in 1993 as a nine-hole course; a further nine holes were added in 2005. It is ...

Other Recommendations

Selfoss Golf Club

Golf Course in Selfoss

GOLF Selfoss runs Abrasive Holst stadium, a beautiful challenging 9-hole golf course. Also available 5 hole practice course.


Place to Visit in Selfoss
Must See

Skálholt (Old Icelandic: Skálaholt) is a historical site in the south of Iceland, at the river Hvítá.


Garden/Botanical Garden in Selfoss

This geothermal greenhouse is worked into several bus tour itineraries. The plants include bananas, papayas and other unlikely specimens, but the novelty wears ...

Icelandic Wonders

Museum in Selfoss

This rather pathetic, overpriced, catch-all museum -- also known as "Elves, Trolls, and Northern Lights" -- has tried to capitalize on the success of the Ghost ...

Hunting Museum

Museum in Selfoss

This shrine to trophy hunting is on the right as you enter town. The museum has an enormous private collection of stuffed victims shot by a man-and-woman team; ...

The Ghost Center

Things to do

Visitors here don headphones, and for 40 expensive minutes proceed from one creepy installation to the next listening to traditional Icelandic ghost stories. ...