Best Italian restaurants in Padang

Here's a list of Best Italian restaurants in Padang recommended by our experts:

Nasi Padang Stalls

Padang, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Nasi padang dishes are prepared in a hot, dry style of cooking unique to Indonesian cuisine, and are rich in flavour and aroma. Singapore's local nasi padang ... more

Nelayan Restaurant

Padang, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Nelayan Restaurant, located by the edge of the beach near town, quite popular with the foreign crowd, there are two levels. During the daytime it tends to be ... more

Pagi Sore

Jalan Nipah, Padang Barat

Pagi Sore is located on Jl Pondok (not on the map) and everyone knows how to find it. Just past the Suzuki dealer and near a wide intersection where there are ... more

Rohana Kudus

Jl. Rohana Kudus No. 74 , Padang
Phone: ☎ +62-751-23386

Rohana Kudus, Jl. Rohana Kudus No. 74, ☎ +62-751-23386. One of the favorite places to buy snacks to bring home as gifts, including the snack the area is famed ...

Nan Salero

Jl. Niaga No. 229 , Padang
Phone: ☎ +62-751-32863

Nan Salero ((d/h Tukang gigi)), Jl. Niaga No. 229, ☎ +62-751-32863. One of the longest running snacks store in the Chinatown, it sells some of the well known ... more