Best places for luxury shopping in Kathmandu

Here's a list of Best places for luxury shopping in Kathmandu recommended by our experts:

City Centre

Shopping Place in Kathmandu

A world within a Himalayan Capital City. A world that lends the rhythm of enterprise to business, the harmony of contentment to leisure, the splendor of variety...

Ctc Mall

Shopping Place in Kathmandu
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Civil Trade Center (CTC) is such a destination which you could not only consider for shopping purpose but also for various other fun activities. CTC has lots ...

Other Recommendations

The Raymond Shop

Shopping Place in Kathmandu

The Raymond Group was incorporated in 1925 and within a span of a few years, transformed from being an Indian textile major to a global conglomerate. In our ...


Shopping Place in Kathmandu
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At Shizuku you will find an incredible array of stores supplying a diverse selection of goods and services electronics, accessories.


Shopping Place in Kathmandu

Clothing Kathmandu is a great place to shop for clothes. Flowing hippie gauzes, Monk's robes in saffrons and maroons, funky neon trance-wear, hemp clothing, ...


Shopping Place in Kathmandu

Women's Store


Shopping Place in Kathmandu

Electronics Store