Best places for luxury shopping in Shanghai

Here's a list of Best places for luxury shopping in Shanghai recommended by our experts:

Nanjing East Road

Shopping Place in Shanghai

Nanjing East Road. Traffic free zone stretching from People's Square to the Bund Waterfront. This street is usually overcrowded, especially late in the ...

Nanjing West Road

Shopping Place in Shanghai

Nanjing West Road. The western section is reputed as a famous luxurious shopping center and has many high end boutiques catering for those with money to spend. ...

Shanghai Time Square

Shopping Place in Shanghai

The mall is known for fashion brands, restaurants and a large cinema. With Maison Mode and other luxury brand stores now open, this mall is becoming a luxury ...


Shopping Place in Shanghai
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Xujiahui is famous for electronic items, with two large electronic malls, Metro City and TaipingYang Suma Plaza that have an exceptional variety of software, ...

Grand Gateway Plaza Mall

Shopping Place in Shanghai
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The Grand Gateway 66 shopping mall is located at the base of the towers. The podium contains 1.1 million square feet of retail and entertainment space.[1] There...

Other Recommendations

Shanghai Centre

Shopping Place in Shanghai
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Shopping at Shanghai Centre offers everything from luxury fashion and jewelry, to a plethora of restaurants and services. Luxury fashion retailers include ...

Shanghai Summit Shopping Center

Shopping Place in Shanghai
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Cloud Nine is a 58 floor tall skyscraper, with a shopping mall at its base, completed in 2006 located in western Shanghai, China. The building is primarily a ...

Shanghai Antique Shops (guangdong Road)

Shopping Place in Shanghai
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Shanghai abounds in antiques because of its importance as the largest city in the most populous Oriental country. When tourists come to Shanghai, they often ...

Shanghai Tang (shanghai Tan)

Shopping Place in Shanghai

This oh-so-hip store from Hong Kong fashion maven David Tang has spawned several branches worldwide since it first opened in Shanghai in 2003. Besides his ...

Porcelain Shop

Shopping Place in Shanghai

Porcelain Shop :A two level store dealing in handmade traditional Chinese porcelain wares.