Best places to eat in Belgrade

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Belgrade recommended by our experts:

Radost Fina Kuhinjica

Restaurant in Belgrade

Vegetarians, unbuckle your belts because Belgrade restaurant offer is richer for another vegetarian restaurant! Nested between old buildings opposite to the ...

Panta Rei

Restaurant in Belgrade

The restaurant, whose name translates from the Greek meaning "everything changes" provides a phenomenal view of the Danube, even during the winter due to the ...


Restaurant in Belgrade

''Franš'' means all diopter glasses for those who can not see well, it's a blanket to wrap in the garden during chilly nights, candy mints on the way out and ...

Moritz Eis Sladoledionica

Restaurant in Belgrade

We are an international team of young professionals with a desire to bring artisan and 100% natural ice cream to the Serbian market. In our Sladoledionica, we ...

Casa Nova

Restaurant in Belgrade

Casa Nova recommends the house specialty, the "Sicilian Wheel." It consists of a tortilla, vegetables prepared on the butter and with white wine, and on top ...

Lorenzo & Kakalamba

Restaurant in Belgrade

'Whereyoueatwell Lorenzo and KAKALAMBA' is the original space with the unique conception based on the conflict between Florence and Pirot. The whole idea came ...


Restaurant in Belgrade

Delicious food will complement the great quality Italian made wines with light Italian music. Amici evokes the atmosphere of the best authentic Italian ...


Restaurant in Belgrade
MusicSummer Friendly

Šaran (Serbian for carp) is a fish restaurant at the very beginning of the Zemun quay, on the right bank of the Danube. My earliest childhood memories date back...

Little Bay

Restaurant in Belgrade

Little Bay restaurant is part of the eponymous chain of restaurants in London and Brighton. After four successful Little Bay restaurant in London Dragisa their...