Best places to eat in Fuzhou

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Fuzhou recommended by our experts:

Antai House Restaurant

Ji Bi Road 39, AnTai HuangJin Plaza, Fuzhou, China
Phone: 059187550890

Antai House Restaurant was founded at least 50 years ago.Here you can enjoy tradtional local dishes of Fuzhou. For example,taro mud,fish ball,pot eage plaster,... more

$ 4 average cost

Lijia Dafengshou

TaiJiang District GongYe Road 378, WanXiang Cheng 4 Floor, Fuzhou, Chi...
Phone: 059187331888

Vientiane City inside a hotel, the price quite expensive bars, meal spent a few hundred dollars. But food is indeed very close to our liking, and the whole is ... more

Yu Zhi Shousi

Gu Lou District WuYi Middle Road 18, ZhengDa Plaza 1 Floor, Fuzhou, Ch...
Phone: 059183978517

Tuna sushi delicious, makes it hard under the mouth, the attitude is good, cost-effective in general, small components of the dish. Store a good environment, ... more

Yipin Tang Niuroudian

GuLouQu Wenquan Lu MiShu Xiang b5 Pu , Fuzhou , China

Feeling soup taste very good, very tasty, the flavor of the beef is completely out of Dayton, immediately after the drink began to sweat feeling. The store's ... more

Shi Ding Ji Sifang Cai Wanda Dian

JinRong Jie 8Hao WanDa GuangChang ShiWai BuXingJie 1Lou 93Hao, Fuzhou,...
Phone: 059188359117

Good to eat a private kitchen, a lot of dishes,doing very fine.First place in the minds of the prawn salad, very unique, there are fried shrimp, exciting moment... more

Ju Chun Yuan Fotiaoqiang Jiulou

TaiJiang District WuYi Middle Road 151, HuaNeng Mansion 2 Floor, Fuzho...
Phone: 059187809898

It's definitely a delicacy combining many exquisite ingredients and boiled for a long time, very good for your health from a traditional chinese medicine point ... more

Yonghe Yuwan

No.6 Building 12, Chengshouqian New Village, Xianta Street, Gulou Dist...
Phone: 059187542297

Yonghe Yuwan is a Restaurant A great place to enjoy and finger-licking non-veg delights, you are going to relish every bite of your meal. Fish balls are a ... more