Best places to eat in Jinan

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Jinan recommended by our experts:


66 Luoyuan St, Lixia, Jinan, Shandong, China
Phone: +8653186068888

Great restaurant. The appetizers were awesome. The pastas and pizzas delicious. The meats were good but maybe. Should be less fatty. Portions were generous and ... more

$ 15 average cost 4 wishlists

Jenny's Cafe

2 Wenhua West Rd, Lixia, Jinan, Shandong, China
Phone: +86 531 8260 8477

Very delicous in Jenny s Cafe are Burgers and the Tuna Salad. It is also one the rare places, where you get Lasagne. The atmosphere is really comfortable and ... more

Bon Appetit

Jing Shi Road 19288, Lu Shang Plaza B Tower 204 | across from the old ...
Phone: 053166699900

All pizzas are very good. Although not quite cheap really cost-effective.Authentic Western food. As an American living in China, love to find good Western ... more

Tu Dali Jing Wulu Dian

ShiZhongQu Jing WuLu 149Hao, Jinan, China

Tu DaLi Jing WuLu Dian is a restaurant of authentic Korean food, health, environmental protection, do very feeling, very green, a stone pot inside a bag of ... more

Cai Die Xuan

QuanChengLu 188Hao Heng Long GuangChang 6Lou 605c Hao, Jinan, China
Phone: 053155638777

Cantonese cuisine is more, the food here do very tasty, but a little on the small amount, a plate put so little, looking worried. Duck soup is a dish will point... more

Lau Restaurant

FuRong Street 103, Jinan, China
Phone: 053186092299

The food here is very tasty, and has the advantages of color, flavor and taste. A restaurant with befitting decor & good taste , food was okay, but the Buffet ... more

Old Sea Restaurant (hero Mountain)

YingXiongShan Road 248, Jinan, China
Phone: 053182778855

Old No.sea cents restaurant is definitely high-end neighborhood seafood restaurant, and seafood are relatively new, many of which were in the kind of vivid ... more

Chongqing Cygnet (yingxiongshan)

YingXiongShan Road 162, Jinan, China
Phone: 053182981688

A restaurant with befitting decor & good taste , food was okay, but the Buffet that my son went in for lacked a lot in quality & choice, most of all, the ...

Leung Dresser Hot Pot (hung Floor)

HuaYuan Road 107, Xin Du Mansion, Jinan, China
Phone: 053188168096

Leung Dresser Hot Pot restaurants, the store is still pretty good taste.General taste, good to eat tender beef secret. Compared to other chains in general pot, ... more