Best places to eat in Kurashiki

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Kurashiki recommended by our experts:

Pizzeria Conoforesta

2-23-9 Achi, Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture 710-0055, Japan
Phone: +81 86 423 6021

The pizzeria CONO foresta, fitted inside a picturesque Japanese house built there about eighty years, overlooks a garden reminiscent of a forest. While ... more

Yurinan Cafe

2-15 Honmachi, Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0054, Japan
Phone: +81 86 426 1180

Located in the Kurashiki Bikan district, Kurashiki Guest House Yurinan provides Japanese style accommodation in an 100 year old traditional architecture, a café... more


Achi , Kurashiki , Okayama Prefecture , Japan
Phone: +81 86 423 2400

Hachikengura occupying a converted rice granary that once belonged to the Ohashi family, this is my top pick for an atmospheric meal, boasting a soaring wood-... more

$ 9 average cost

Soumigyosai Iwakura

2-1-18 Chuo, Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Phone: +81 86 427 3100

Seafood that is caught in the Seto Inland Sea is delicious, but the Mamakari Takomeshi here is especially delicious. Since there is a set of Takomeshi at lunch... more

Ryokan Kurashiki

4-1 Honmachi, Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0054, Japan
Phone: +81 86-422-0730

Ryokan Kurashiki is the Japanese Cuisines Restaurant. Ryokan Kurashiki is a wonderful place for lunch or dinner. The food is fresh, authentic and so delicious... more

La Cenetta

1700 Funagura-cho , Kurashiki
Phone: ☎ +81 086-434-3069

La Cenetta (ラ・チェネッタ), 1700 Funagura-cho, ☎ +81 086-434-3069. Japanese pizzerias are famously creative (and sometimes bizarre) with their choice of pizza ... more

Misokatsu Umenoki

2-19-3 Achi-dori , Kurashiki
Phone: ☎ +81 086-422-1282

Misokatsu Umenoki, 2-19-3 Achi-dori, ☎ +81 086-422-1282, [28]. 11AM-10PM, closed second and fourth Thursdays of the month. Umenoki serves a Nagoya specialty: ... more


10-6 Hon-machi , Kurashiki
Phone: ☎ +81 086-421-5888

Sakura, 10-6 Hon-machi, ☎ +81 086-421-5888. Tu-Su 11AM-4PM. Tasty soba noodles and soup during lunch hours. Dishes from ¥750-¥1580.  

Kana Izumi

8-33 Hon-machi , Kurashiki
Phone: ☎ +81 086-421-7254

Kana Izumi, 8-33 Hon-machi, ☎ +81 086-421-7254, [27]. Tu-Su 10AM-8:30PM. A noodle shop in the atmospheric surroundings of the Bikan area. Prices vary — bowls of... more

Bukkake Udon

Bukkake Udon (ぶっかけうどん), [26]. The Kurashiki brand of udon carries influence from Edo-period Tokyo, courtesy of the local business magnates who did trade with ... more