Best places to eat in Sofia

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Sofia recommended by our experts:


Restaurant in Sofia

Everything in this context, you can think of would be true - and the serene atmosphere and casual dinners with friends who will spend the new restaurant Hristo...


Restaurant in Sofia

chain restaurants Olive's will make sure to spend a nice holiday, and deserve - to celebrate with your favorite friends in the company of good wine and ...

Spaghetti Company

Restaurant in Sofia

Spaghetti Company is the right choice if you are looking for good food and excellent service. We have tried on every detail so that everything to be perfect for...

Manastirska Magernitsa

Restaurant in Sofia

Manastirska Magernitsa" Restaurant is situated in the central part of Sofia, at 67 Khan Asparuh Str. The restaurant disposes of winter garden- entirely in ...

Pri Yafata

Restaurant in Sofia

Restaurant "Pri Yafata" is situated in the downtown of Sofia city in an old-fashioned and exceptionally beautiful house on three floors. There you can sink in ...


Restaurant in Sofia

Welcome to the authentic Moroccan restaurant in Sofia! An experience for all senses. Here you can relax on the soft pillows, and savour masterfully prepared ...


Restaurant in Sofia

The unpretentious modern atmosphere of this restaurant/cafe in the garden of the School for Performing Arts makes it a place to come back to again and again. ...

Dream House

Restaurant in Sofia

Dream House vegetarian restaurant" now celebrates eight years anniversary. We have the established tradition to offer quality vegetarian food that satisfies ...


Restaurant in Sofia

BACKGROUND . is a restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria. The restaurant is located in Center. The address of restaurant BACKGROUND is 14 Vitosha blvd.. You can contact ...

Toba & Co

Pub in Sofia

If it's a balmy evening, this is a super Parisian-style cafe-bar hangout before or after supper (House with the Clock is diagonally opposite), with pretty ...

Fifth Avenue

Restaurant in Sofia

Restaurant "Fifth Avenue" is housed in an old townhouse in the city center. It consists of 80 seats inside on two floors of unique design, small bar and ...


Restaurant in Sofia

Well, someday we should open a restaurant. It would be cozy and welcoming and earthy and beautiful. We would serve pasta and wine, nothing fancy, just good ...

The Olive Garden

Restaurant in Sofia

Lovely, small restaurant, with a Summer garden. Excellent food, with a refreshed menu coming soon, The ambience is bright and fresh, and the staff are excellent...