Best places to enjoy local and street shopping in Imphal

Here's a list of Best places to enjoy local and street shopping in Imphal recommended by our experts:

Khwairambad Bazaar

Thangal Bazar, Kangla, Imphal, Manipur

Khwaraimbad Bazaar, located in the heart of Imphal, is one of the most popular and largest women's markets in India. What makes this market really stand out ... more

Paona Bazaar

Paona Bazar, Imphal, Manipur

The crowded lanes of Paona Bazaar has series of shops that sells fascinating stuffs like silk saris, hand-woven shawls, papier mache products, bamboo and ivory ... more

Nagampal Market

Nagampal Market, Imphal, Manipur

Another delightful place for shopping is the Nagampal market, which is an important commercial center in Imphal. The shops in this market are stocked up with ... more

Tera Bazaar

Imphal, Manipur

Tera Bazaar, the colorful market that lies in the greater Imphal area, is another popular spot to pick some good souvenirs. The artifacts that you can purchase ... more

Women's Market Or Ima Keithel

Bir Tikendrajit Rd, Thangal Bazar, Imphal, Manipur 795001 ‎

Women's Market or Ima Keithel- Cacophony, bargain of products and a spread of a beautiful and colourful cloth is what you would most notice when you visit this ... more

Gm Hall

Imphal, Manipur

The iconic GM Hall, located right in the centre of Imphal, has numerous shops that sell artifacts, Manipuri handlooms, toys, shawls, handicrafts at fixed prices... more