Best places to enjoy local and street shopping in Kochi

Here's a list of Best places to enjoy local and street shopping in Kochi recommended by our experts:

Jew Town

Shopping Place in Kochi

Jew town in fort kochi has numerous antique and craft stores. Most of the antique shops sell colonial era and heritage pieces, as well as Jewish items from ...


Shopping Place in Kochi

Broadway, whose sloping-roofed buildings preserve its old-world charm, is one of the shopping hubs of Kochi. Wholesale and retail shops line the street and have...

Ernakulam Market

Shopping Place in Kochi

Ernakulam Market is much better than any retail store or mall in Kerala in terms of price, quality and availability of commodities.

The Princess Street

Place to Visit in Kochi
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Princess Street, Fort Kochi. The most famous street of Fort Kochi which gives you a slice of authentic colonial European architecture. The only street that ...

Bazaar Road At Fort Cochin

Shopping Place in Kochi

Bazaar Road at Fort Cochin is a good place to shop. full street is of variety of shops.

Other Recommendations

Cochin Crafts Antique Shop‎‎

Shopping Place in Kochi

The local arts and crafts industry in Kochi is so strong that you will find numerous shops there selling handicraft items.You will find many items carved out of...

Cochin Spice Market

Shopping Place in Kochi

While on a shopping spree in Cochin, do not forget to buy some appealing spices which you can used in preparing culinary delights when you go back home. The ...


Shopping Place in Kochi

Reebok Store is located in Cochin, India which provides you best service.

Village Shop

Shopping Place in Kochi

Village Shop is a Home Furnishing store in Kochi. They sell innovative and designer Handloomed ,soft furnishings for all rooms of a home.All products are made ...


Shopping Place in Kochi

Varkeys was a prominent supermarket chain based in Kerala which is now defunct. It had outlets in Cochin, Trichur, Calicut, and Trivandrum. It also owned and ...

Crafters Antique Shop

Shopping Place in Kochi

This shop has certified large collection of artifacts and heritage pieces. Its a very popular option. Crafters exports are exporters of hand carved wood ...