Best places to enjoy nightlife in Bogor

Here's a list of Best places to enjoy nightlife in Bogor recommended by our experts:

Bali Blitz

Pub in Bogor
Food And DiningNightlifeGaysWalking

Bali Blitz (, 48A Veteran Street Bogor (10 mon walking from Bogor train station-Jembatan Merah area), ☎ +62 251 838 3368 (...

Cafe Gumati

Pub in Bogor
YouthPub HoppingWeekendsSingles

Cafe Gumati is a lovely cafe overlooking Bogor, you will find Westerners here, too.

Lips Karaoke Bar And Club

Pub in Bogor

Lips Karaoke Bar and Club provides karaoke, a pool, and a bar

Warbal Cafe

Pub in Bogor

Warbal Cafe is a great friendly bar that serves beer and has live music; the owner speaks English, and it is a good place for Westerners to go