Best places to enjoy nightlife in Fortaleza

Here's a list of Best places to enjoy nightlife in Fortaleza recommended by our experts:

Pirata Bar

Rua dos Tabajaras, 325 - Praia de Iracema, Fortaleza - CE, 60060-510, ...
Phone: 55 85 4011-6161

The bar and club scene around the Praia de Iracema waterfront area is rather touristy, but the 'Segunda-feira Mais Louca do Mundo' (Craziest Monday in the World... more

$ 40 average cost

O Chopp Do Bixiga

Rua Dragão do Mar, 108 - Centro, Fortaleza - CE, 60060-390, Brazil
Phone: 55 85 3219-7690

In 2014, The Chopp Bixiga complete 13 years of history, built on a sincere relationship with the public and visitors to Fortaleza Fortaleza. If you want to be ...

$ 50 average cost

Orbita Bar

R. Alm. Jaceguai, 207 - Praia de Iracema, Fortaleza - CE, 60060-390, B...
Phone: +55 85 3453-1421

Good club with nice music and live bands. Music ranges to pop/disco to brazilian.The place is a bit unwelcoming because of a lot of people without any air ... more

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R. Torres Câmara 172 Fortaleza - CE 60150-060 Brazil
Phone: 55 (85) 3261-1525

A harmonious settlement situated in the most natural setting, offering hotel suites, fine dining establishments, full leisure, as well.

$ 25 average cost


Av. Santos Dumont, 1788, Fortaleza - CE, 60150-160, Brazil
Phone: 55 85 3224-3351

Already considered one of the best restaurants in Fortaleza, the Forest is an excellent choice for your lunch everyday and enjoy the night with an amazing music...

$ 20 average cost

Alma Gemea

R. Dragão do Mar, 30 - Praia de Iracema, Fortaleza - CE, 60060-390, Br...
Phone: 55 85 3254-5802

Good place to have fun and entertainment.

$ 50 average cost

Barraca America Do Sol

Avenida Zezé Diogo, 4265 - Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza - CE, 60182-026,...
Phone: 55 85 3234-6461

The super cold beer, not to mention that in the Sun Tent America you enjoy all the convenience of wi-fi, delicious showers, security, life guard and ... more

Mucuripe Club

Tv. Maranguape, 108, R. Icó, 60055-020 , Fortaleza
Phone: (+55) 85 3254.3020

In addition to being the best and most stylish disco in the Northeast, Mucuripe is a mind-blowingly huge, modern, nontouristy venue with a dinner club and five ... more

$ 30 average cost 43 wishlists


Tr. Icó, 112, Fortaleza, CE, 60055-030, Brazil
Phone: +55 85 3219-4322

Another large and popular club that opened in 2010 opposite Mucuripe. Capitulo The Disco, multiplex large clubs where you can watch the best bands in Brazil, ... more


Av. Antonio Sales, Fortaleza, State of Ceara 60135102, Brazil
Phone: 55 85 3224-3237

It is a good place to have fun and entertainment. It is quite typical for bars, called botequins, to have cafe-com-leite (coffee with milk) served in a shot ... more