Best places to enjoy nightlife in Sarajevo

Here's a list of Best places to enjoy nightlife in Sarajevo recommended by our experts:

Baghdad Cafe

Bazardzani 4 , Sarajevo

Baghdad Cafe, Bazardzani 4 (across from Hacienda in Bascarsija), [24]. Danceclub/hookah bar in one of the most crowded areas of the Old Town for nightlife.  

Vinoteka, Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Vinoteka" is located in the centre of Sarajevo, in Skenderija street 12. It is famous for its with restaurant i and wine cellar. "Vinoteka" is perfect place ... more

Balkan Expres

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Balkan Express is owned by Laka (not a famous singer from Gorazde) and he made it to look like a home from communist period in B&H. It is very comfortable with ... more

Pivnica Hs

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Pivnica HS" is situated in the Old Town in Sarajevo, in the old brewery building from the Austro-Hungarian period of Bosnian history. Pivnica HS is one of the ... more

Connectum/klub Knjige

Veliki Curciluk 27 , Sarajevo
Phone: ☎ +387 33 574 700, +387 33 574 701

Connectum/Klub Knjige, Veliki Curciluk 27, ☎ +387 33 574 700, +387 33 574 701. Part of a bookstore.  

Tre Bicchieri Wine Store & Tasting Bar

Cobanija 3 , Sarajevo
Phone: ☎ + 387 33 222654

Tre Bicchieri Wine Store & Tasting Bar, Cobanija 3, ☎ + 387 33 222654, [23]. Long list of Italian wines. Very cozy and comfortable place. Good music & relaxing ...

Central Cafe

Štrosmajerova 1, Bascarsija , Sarajevo

Central Cafe, Štrosmajerova 1, Bascarsija, [22]. Cocktail bar with great music. Get there early or call to reserve a table. The place is very busy until ... more

Opera Bar/café

B Sarajeva 25 , Sarajevo

Opera Bar/Café, B Sarajeva 25 (opposite the city's Opera house), [21]. Fast wifi connection, but the waitstaff are often unfriendly and inattentive. It attracts... more