Best Seafood Restaurants in Hong Kong

Here's a list of Best Seafood Restaurants in Hong Kong recommended by our experts:

Seafood in Hong Kong is a passion and a vital part of traditional Cantonese cuisine. Hong Kong is a place that overlooks the harbour, and is definitely a place that takes its dining seriously, and true connoisseurs want the best seafood that the planet can provide. Traditional seafood in Hong Kong has a special charm (aside from tasting absolutely divine!) and is a style and cuisine you and your family/friends must heartily explore. Most of the city’s chefs have become masters at cooking up the creatures from the deep sea and treating you the best. Hong Kong boasts a savvy population that demands immediate freshness in its fish, and knows its mussels from its cockles. You can expect to see your first class fish in the finest opulent settings, but you most definitely would not anticipate that many of the best Hong Kong seafood restaurants are in small villages and island communities. Just as there is all manner of seafood, so there are all manner of places to eat it. One of the favourite locales for casual dining par excellence is the al fresco set of restaurants in Sai Kung, on the eastern edge of Hong Kong's New Territories, which are strung out along the quay. You may also want to dine in formal surroundings. The dull lighting and rough carpets at Victoria City Seafood Restaurant can be easily overlooked for the large shrimp sauteed in garlic, or the deep fried crispy bean curd. You will never want meal-times here to end, as delectable dishes like hot peppers cooked in oyster sauce and garlic, and whole garoupas with ginger and spring onions tantalize your taste buds thoroughly. Here is a definitive list of the best seafood restaurants in Hong Kong:

Aberdeen Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant in Hong Kong

Aberdeen Seafood Restaurant.It provides normal cha chaan teng food such as instant noodles with eggs and sausage, toast with condensed milk and butter, and ...

Victoria City Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant in Hong Kong

Victoria City Seafood Restaurant offers tantalizing Chinese cuisine without much ado. The dull lighting and rough carpets can be easily overlooked for the large...

Tonkichi Tonkatsu Seafood

Restaurant in Hong Kong

Deep fried Japanese tonkichi pork cutlet, shrimp, oysters and katsu platters is on par with most of the tonkichi shops in Japan. Causeway Bay has a high ...

Fu Ah Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant in Hong Kong

Fu Ah Seafood Restaurant (富雅海鮮酒家), G/F 27, Hoi Pong St, Sai Kung, ☎ 27920069. The second-to-last in Sai Kung's seafood restaurant alley, this unassuming joint ...

Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant in Hong Kong

Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant (容龍海鮮酒家), 19.5 Miles, Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, ☎ 24506366. is a famous seafood restaurant in Tuen Mun. The price is more ...

Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant in Hong Kong

No al fresco dining or exotic concoction like starfish, Kam Shan wins locals over with their rustic décor, simple and non-pretentious food, the old-world yet ...

Super Star Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant in Hong Kong

Super Star Seafood Restaurant is one of the oldest seafood restaurant chains in Hong Kong, now positioning itself as a specialist in stone fish. What is stone ...

Nobu Intercontinental Hong Kong

Restaurant in Hong Kong

NOBU is the world's most acclaimed Japanese restaurant, is renowned for its innovative new-style Japanese cuisineas as well as new creations using local ...

Marco's Oyster Bar And Grill

Restaurant in Hong Kong

Marco's Bistro or now known as the Marco's Oyster Bar and Grill was established by the Marco's brothers (Marco & Ben) in 1999. In order to provide supreme ...