Enjoy a great time with your family in Manila

Here's a list of Enjoy a great time with your family in Manila recommended by our experts:

Star City

Amusement Park in Manila

Thinking of a weekend get-away that is affordable, close enough to home, and with something for everyone. You don't have to look far because there's a theme ...

Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

Things to do in Manila

This tour gives you three cruising options: The Sunset Cruise, just in time to catch the world famous Manila Bay Sunset. The Mid-Evening Cruise gives you a view...

Enchanting Hidden Valley

Things to do in Manila
AdventureBoatingPhotographyFirst Timers

cated 78 kilometers south of Metro Manila lies Hidden Valley Resorts whose bewitching natural vegetation flourishes in a 110 acre crater 300 feet deep, believed...

Anilao Diving Tour

Things to do in Manila

Anilao Diving TripAnilao is a diver's paradise, known for pristine waters and abundant sea life. On this trip, we will take you to one of Batangas' most famous ...

Other Recommendations

Manila Memorial Park

Things to do in Manila

Opened in the mid-1960s, this memorial park brought the (then) novel concept of having sprawling grassy knolls and pleasant promenades amid the tombstones, ...

Experience Wildlife And Nature At The Manila Zoo

Things to do in Manila

Manila Zoo philippines has 832 animals and 100 species as of year 2007. The zoo's most popular resident is Mali, an Asian elephant who arrived at the zoo as an ...

Manila Zoological And Botanical Garden

Things to do in Manila

The Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden (or Manila Zoo, for short, is a favorite campground for people around Manila.Usually whole families go there to find ...