Most Popular Beaches in Kovalam

Here's a list of Most Popular Beaches in Kovalam recommended by our experts:

Lighthouse Beach

Beach in Kovalam

Out of the many reasons to visit the lighthouse beach, the major one is the very presence of the breathtaking lighthouse in the beach which is open for ...

Varkala Beach

Beach in Varkala
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Varkala Beach, also known as Papanasam beach is a beach in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, along the Arabian Sea, part of the Indian Ocean. The word...

Samudra Beach

Beach in Kovalam

The Samudra beach in Kovalam is one of the most serene beaches. One must visit the beach just to experience the peaceful milieu and the cool sea breeze.This ...

Shanghumugham Beach


Shankumugham Beach is a beach in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala , south India . The beach is on the western side of Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum...

Hawa Beach

Beach in Kovalam

Hawa beach or Eve's beach lies opposite to the Light house beach. Many tourists claim it to be the most beautiful among the beaches in Kovalam. The ...

Kovalam Beach

Beach in Kovalam

The Kovalam beach is an internationally renowned beach, that has gained popularity during the hippie era since the 1930's in India. There is a huge rocky ...

Other Recommendations

Parasailing In Kovalam

Things to do in Kovalam

Kovalam Beach is known for its active water sport activities and parasailing in Kovalam is an experience to remember. Besides the intriguing water sports, ...

Chowara Beach

Beach in Kovalam
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Chowara is a beautiful quaint village located about 10 km south of Kovalam. This village is dotted with coconut trees and a beach called Chowara Beach. Kovalam ...

Swimming In Hawa Beach

Things to do in Kovalam

Hawa Beach, popularly known as Eve's Beach, is the most popular of the three beaches of Kovalam. This beach lies opposite to Lighthouse Beach and is full of ...

Speedboat At Hawa Beach

Things to do in Kovalam

It was crowded as expected but clean. Many small restaurants eateries and shops. Loved the speed boat ride and the ambiance of the restaurants and the fair ...

Kovalam Fish Market

Place to Visit in Kovalam
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Kovalam Fish Market which has the largest variety of fishes and at a reasonable cost. The fish are also canned here and sent for exports worldwide. A visit to ...

Swimming In Lighthouse Beach

Things to do in Kovalam
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kovalam beach is a falcate shaped beach bordered with coconut trees and they keep swaying gently by the breeze blowing softly in the region.The silver white ...