Most Popular Beaches in Visakhapatnam

Here's a list of Most Popular Beaches in Visakhapatnam recommended by our experts:

Yarada Beach

Beach in Visakhapatnam
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Yarada beach. It is perceived as a Private Beach but actually it is not. Tourists can visit the beach directly or through the Yarada village.Yarada is the ...


Beach in Visakhapatnam

Gangavaram. 10 to 12 km away from city, this is most beautiful beach, the most interesting thing is we can see rock like structure in between see like a small ...

Lawson's Bay Beach

Beach in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam has the only natural harbour on the east coast of India. It is nestled among the hills of the Eastern Ghats and faces the Bay of Bengal on the...

The Ramakrishna Beach

Beach in Visakhapatnam

The Rama Krishna Beach is one of the most popular beach parks in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh . It gets its name from the Ramakrishna Mission ...


Beach in Visakhapatnam
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Rushikonda Beach is dotted with golden sand and the tidy waves of Bay of Bengal. Possessing a vast stretch of water, it is an ideal beach for indulging in ...

Other Recommendations

Matsyadarshini Aquarium

Place to Visit in Visakhapatnam

Matsyadarshini Aquarium is a beautiful air-conditioned aquarium located on the shore of Ramakrishna Beach. The aquarium was set up and managed by Municipal ...


Park in Visakhapatnam

Kailasagiri is a hilltop park in the city of Visakhapatnam. The park was developed by Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authorty comprising 380 acres (150 ha) of ...


Beach in Visakhapatnam

Kambalakonda. Kambalakonda, Sanctuary The Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest located near Visakhapatnam. It is under the control of Andhra Pradesh ...


Beach in Visakhapatnam
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Bhimili About 25 km from the city and is what used to be a small village also called Bheemunipatnam. Apart from the beach, the village has the remains of a ...

Kondakarla Lake

Lake/River/Water body in Visakhapatnam
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As you enter Kondakarla Ava The scenic beauty takes you over. The tranquil waters of a lake surrounded by coconut trees on one side and green hills all around ...