Most popular cities in Czech Republic

Here's a list of Most popular cities in Czech Republic recommended by our experts:

Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic . It is the fourteenth-largest city in the European Union . It is also the historical capital...

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

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Český Krumlov is a beautiful town of 14,600 inhabitants located in Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Like Prague, the town is situated on the Vltava ...

Brno, Czech Republic

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Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic by population and area, the largest Moravian city, and the historical capital city of the Margraviate of ...

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

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Karlovy Vary German: Karlsbad; English: Carlsbad) is a spa city situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic, on the confluence of the rivers Ohře and Teplá, ...

Cesky Sternberk, Czech Republic


Český Šternberk (German: Böhmisch Sternberg) is a market town in the Czech Republic. Český Šternberk Castle rests on the cliffs high above the town.

Znojmo, Czech Republic

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Znojmo [1] is a small (35,000 inhabitants) town in South Moravia, Czech Republic. It's famous for its compact old town centre with oldest buildings dating back ...

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic


The earliest traces of silver have been found dating back to the 10th century, when Bohemia already had been in the crossroads of long-distance trade for many ...

Plzen, Czech Republic

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Pilsen (Czech: Plzeň) [1] is in Bohemia, in the Czech Republic in Central Europe. It is the home and birthplace of the Pilsener (or pilsner) beer variety which ...

Olomouc, Czech Republic


Olomouc locally Holomóc or Olomóc; German: Olmütz; Latin: Olomucium or Iuliomontium; Polish: Ołomuniec is a city in Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic...

Liberec, Czech Republic


Liberec is a city in the Czech Republic. Located on the Lusatian Neisse and surrounded by the Jizera Mountains and Ještěd-Kozákov Ridge, it is the fifth-largest...

Mikulov, Czech Republic


Mikulov (Czech pronunciation: [ˈmɪkulof]; German: Nikolsburg; Yiddish: ניקאלשבורג Nikolshburg) is a town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic with...

Telc, Czech Republic


Telč (German: Teltsch) is a town of around 6,000 inhabitants in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands of the Czech Republic.

Terezin, Czech Republic


Terezín is the name of a former military fortress and adjacent walled garrison town in the northwest Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. Construction ...

Other Recommendations

Hranice, Czech Republic


Hranice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈɦraɲɪtsɛ], means "border") may refer to several towns in the Czech Republic: