Most popular vegetarian restaurants in Doha

Here's a list of Most popular vegetarian restaurants in Doha recommended by our experts:


Restaurant in Doha

This place is where you can find the best chinese food and the best sushi. The atmosphere is fantastic and the employees are very friendly. It is one of my ...

Saravanaa Bhavan - Doha

Restaurant in Doha

This is the best Indian vegetarian food restaurant in Doha. The set meals are simple but each dish is made to perfection and served hot. Lovely dhosa with vada...

Elevation Burger

Restaurant in Doha

Elevation Burger serves up 100% Organic, Grass fed, free range beef burgers. Their fries are also cooked in the healthier olive oil. They also serve shakes, ...

Just Falafel - Al Nasr

Restaurant in Doha
Middle Eastern

The best ambiance, quality of food and service. It is an ideal place for small party, family dine or even for individual treat. A restaurant with befitting ...