Must see points of interest in Chitwan

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Chitwan recommended by our experts:

Narayani River

Activity Place in Chitwan

Narayani River is one of the famous attraction in Nepal. Go in the evening or early in the morning to catch sunset/sunrise. It is just amazing. If you can get ...

Elephant Breeding Centre

Wildlife Park in Chitwan

This centre, about 3km west of Sauraha on the far side of the small Bhude Rapti River, is a must-see sight in Chitwan. Providing many of the elephants for ...

Tiger Residency Resort

Wildlife Park in Chitwan

Tiger Residency Resort is situated in a peaceful and tranquil area near by the Rapti River and just east of Sauraha and a mere minute walk from the national ...

Chitwan National Park

Wildlife Park in Chitwan

Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal. Formerly called Royal Chitwan National Park it was established in 1973 and granted the status of a ...

Other Recommendations

Chitwan Jeep Safari

Activity Place in Chitwan

One of the options to see the wildlife in Chitwan national park is to go on a jeep safari. During this trip you will sit in de back of an open jeep to see the...

Chitwan Elephant Safari

Activity Place in Chitwan
KidsYouthFor WomenSafari

The elephant safari is one of the best ways to spot wildlife from up close. Because the elephants can come close to other animals without them noticing that ...

Chitwan Canoe Ride

Activity Place in Chitwan

If you came to Chitwan to relax, the canoe ride is a good way to do so. Also after a few days in the wild, this is great chance to become calm again. With a ...

Local Native Dances

Place to Visit in Chitwan

Local native dances - quite interesting and usually included in your "hotel package". Stick dancing is very loud as they hit sticks together to form a rhytm.

Chitwan Jungle Safari Day Tours

Things to do in Chitwan

A Chitwan Jungle Safari day tour is designed for those travellers who have short time to visit Chitwan National Park. This day tour will take you to Elephant ...

Chitwan Hatisar Elephant Breeding Center

Place to Visit in Chitwan

Chitwan Hatisar Elephant Breeding Center A museum about elephants in Nepal and stalls for about 10 female elephants with their young ones, which are chained and...