Must see points of interest in Guwahati

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Guwahati recommended by our experts:

Kamakhya Temple

Temple in Guwahati
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Kamakhya Temple, The Kamakhya Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the mother goddess Kamakhya, one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Pithas, situated on the ...

Umananda Temple

Temple in Guwahati
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Uma Nanda Temple, The Umananda temple, located on the Peacock Island, is one of the important temples of Guwahati. Situated in the middle of River Brahmaputra, ...

Iskcon Temple

Temple in Guwahati
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White and beautiful, the Sri Sri Rukmini Krishna Temple is situated on a hillock near Ulubari Junction. The temple is surrounded by greenery on all sides and ...

Saraighat Bridge

Place to Visit in Guwahati

Saraighat Bridge is the first of its kind a rail-cum-road bridge built over the river Brahmaputra in Assam. Saraighat Bridge is the vital link between North ...

Assam State Zoo And Botanical Garden

Zoo in Guwahati

The Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens that is situated on the RGB Road that is popularly known as the Zoo Road. This Zoo is home to animals like white tiger...

Hayagriva Madhava Temple

Temple in Guwahati

Hayagriva Madhava Temple is situated on the Monikut hill. The present temple structure was constructed by the King Raghudeva Narayan in 1583. According to some ...

Regional Science Center

Place to Visit in Guwahati

Regional Science Centre, Guwahati, popularly known as Science Museum, is one of the units of National Council of Science Museums functioning under the ...

Assam Rajyik State Museum

Museum in Guwahati
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Assam Rajyik State Museum is world of knowledge where you can discover and bask in the history, culture and heritage of Assam. The library at the museum has a ...

Sukreswar Temple

Temple in Guwahati

The Sukreswar temple, located at Sukreswar, is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is famous for housing the sixth Jyotirlinga of India. According to ...

Basistha Temple

Temple in Guwahati
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Basistha temple, located in the south-east corner of Guwahati city is a Shiva mandir constructed by Ahom King Rajeswar Singha in 1764 along with gift of land ...

Navagraha Temple

Temple in Guwahati

The Navagraha Temple of the nine planets is situated atop a hill named Chitrasaala in east Guwahati. Housed in a red beehive shaped dome, this is an ancient ...

Bhuvaneswari Temple

Temple in Guwahati
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Bhuvaneswari Temple is an age old temple dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneswari, perched atop the Nilachal hill in Guwahati, further above the Kamakhya temple. The ...

Guwahati Planetarium

Place to Visit in Guwahati

The Guwahati Planetarium, located on MG Road, is one of the major attractions of Guwahati. The aim of this planetarium is to spread awareness about astronomy. ...

Nehru Park

Park in Guwahati

Nehru Park, located at the centre of the city is a public park named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. This park, now renovated ...

Ugro Tara Temple

Temple in Guwahati
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The Ugratara temple, located in the eastern part of Guwahati, in Uzan Bazaar, is an important Shakti shrine. Constructed by King Shiva Singh of the Ahom Kingdom...

Janardan Temple

Temple in Guwahati

Janardan Temple is one of the popular temples of Assam. Janardan Temple Located in the top of the Shukaleswar hillock, near Shukhleshwar ghat of river ...

Balaji Temple

Temple in Guwahati

Tirupati Balaji is a magnificent temple at Lokhra, near Guwahati. It is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, and is a holy place for the pilgrims from the north-east...