Must see points of interest in Kushinagar

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Kushinagar recommended by our experts:

Parinirvana Stupa And Parinirvana Temple

Temple in Kushinagar
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The important Parinirvana Stupa, Kushinagar is the huge Stupa which was built ages back and dedicated to Lord Buddha. One of the huge Stupas in Kushinagar made ...

Japanese Temple

Temple in Kushinagar
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The Japanese temple located in Kushinagar is most famous for the mesmerizing statue of Buddha made of eight metals (Ashta Dhatu). The temple was built by ...

Wat Thai Temple

Temple in Kushinagar
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This is one of the most beautiful & attractive temples and recently added to the list of temples in Kushinagar. Centrally located, this is one of the most ...

Buddha Museum

Museum in Kushinagar
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Buddha Museum is one of the best worth seeing places in Kushinagar. It was built by State Government in the Buddhist architectural feel and atmosphere in 1992...

Mahaparinirvana Temple

Temple in Kushinagar
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The Mahaparinirvana temple is most famous in Kushinagar as it has a 6 meters long reclining statue of Buddha lying on his right side facing the west ...

Kushinagar Museum

Museum in Kushinagar

Also called the Buddha Museum because it predominantly has on display exhibits related to the life and times of the Buddha, Kushinagar Museum was built in ...

Rambhar Stupa

Monument in Kushinagar

Rambhar Stupa is one of the sacred destinations for the Buddhist followers, Kushinagar is one of the ancient cities that are famous for its Stupas and temples. ...

Meditation Park

Park in Kushinagar
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The Meditation Park is located at Kushinagar near the Nirvana temple and is comprised of artificial water bodies with elevated verdant green stages best for ...

Other Recommendations

Parinirvana Stupa And Parinirvana Temple

Temple in Kushinagar

Located a few kilometers from Gorakhpur, Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh in India on the banks of the Gandak River is the city of Stupas and temples. One of the ...

Chandramani Bhikshu Bharamasala

Monastery in Kushinagar

The oldest monastery in Kushinagar is the large Burmese Chandramani Bhikshu Dharamshala which is next to the Chinese Temple with its marble images of the Buddha...

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