Must see points of interest in Oslo

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Oslo recommended by our experts:

Armed Forces Museum (forsvarsmuseet)

Museum in Oslo

Military collections have been located in this old arsenal at Akershus Festning since 1978. The permanent exhibitions concentrate on major themes in Norwegian ...

Astrup Fearnley Museum Of Modern Art

Museum in Oslo

This is one of those special nuggets art lovers stumble across in their travels, wondering why such a place isn't better known. Actually, this privately funded ...

Birkelunden And Olaf Ryes Plass

Museum in Oslo

Birkelunden and Olaf Ryes plass Two cool parks in eastern Oslo, situated in the Grünerløkka, a so called Greenwich village look-alike area. On sundays, there is...

Other Recommendations

Oslo Domkirke

Place to Visit in Oslo
Must See

Oslo Cathedral (Norwegian: Oslo domkirke) — formerly Our Savior's Church (Norwegian: Vår Frelsers kirke) — is the main church for the Oslo bishopric of the ...

Oslo Half-marathon

Things to do in Oslo

Those who know Oslo will appreciate that it is by no means as flat as a pancake. The 21km-long half-marathon represents a tough challenge to all those who ...

Oslo Combination

Things to do in Oslo

Take a leisurely fjord cruise and a sightseeing tour to see the main city sights.