Must see points of interest in Rajgir

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Rajgir recommended by our experts:

Gridhakuta Hill

Mountain in Rajgir

Gridhakuta (Vulture's Peak). The place is atop a small hill and believed to be a mating place of Lord Buddha. On the top of the hill, there is a Viswa Shanti ...

Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall

Place to Visit in Rajgir
YouthFriendsMust See

This is a truly remarkable structure almost in the middle of nowhere. Its a palatial structure with a large couryard and a fantastic doorway, which has ...

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Monument in Rajgir
Must SeeReligious Travel

Vishwa Shanti Stupa is a major tourist attraction at Rajgir. Rajgir is a popular pilgrim destination for Buddhists. Nichidatsu Fujii (1885-1985), a Buddhist ...

Bimbisar Jail

Monument in Rajgir

This place too is a must see for Buddhists as it has religious significance & King Bimbisar is mentioned many times in the Buddhist scriptures.

Venu Vana Kalandakanivapa

Park in Rajgir
ParksMust See

This is the main park where the Buddha apparently offered his sermons and engaged with his disciples and the public. Today it's a reasonably maintained park.

Other Recommendations

Makhdum Kund

Place to Visit in Rajgir

Makhdum Kund. This is the shrine of a Muslim Sufi Saint Makhdum Shah and has warm springs similar to Tapodharma.  

Maniar Matth

Place to Visit in Rajgir

Maniar Matth. Dating 1 century CE, the Maniar Matth is said to be a monastery of a cult which worshipped snakes. Several snake and cobra figurines have been ...


Place to Visit in Rajgir

Sonabhandar. This ancient structure is said to be the treasury of Magadh.  


Place to Visit in Rajgir

Venuvana (Bamboo grove). Is said to be a bamboo grove gifted to Lord Buddha by Bimbisara, the then king of Magadh.  

Cyclopean Walls

Place to Visit in Rajgir

Cyclopean walls. Believed to be 2500 years old, these Cyclopean walls are a 40 km long and 4 meteres wide fortification running around the city.  

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