Must see points of interest in Riffa

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Riffa recommended by our experts:

Riffa Fort

Monument in Riffa

Built as a fort during the reign of Shaikh Salman bin Ahmed Al Khalifa in 1812, while another source claim that it was built during the rule of the Persian ...

The Royal Golf Club

Golf Course in Riffa

The Royal Golf Club at Riffa Views is situated just 20 minutes drive from the capital city of Manama in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Designed by golfing legend Colin...

Dilmun Burial Mounds

Monument in Riffa

The burial mounds at A'ali are worth visiting, but there is absolutely no information at the site, just a small barb wire fence separating a huge number of ...

East Riffa

Place to Visit in Riffa
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East Riffa has many attractions, one such attraction is Riffa Fort, which is also known as Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fateh Fort. The city has several shopping ...