Must see points of interest in Somnath

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Somnath recommended by our experts:

Somnath Temple

Temple in Somnath

Somnath Temple is one of the very ancient temples of India located in Gujarat and stands as a famous landmark in the Indian history. Somnath Temple is located...

Old Somnath Temple

Temple in Somnath
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India is such a great country and with has a rich heritage.Temples all over India are worth a visit. Opposite the present Somnath Mandir, is a small, pink ...

Bhalka Tirth

Temple in Somnath

Bhalka Tirth is one of the major pilgrim attractions situated in the vicinity of Somnath, at a distance of 5 km on Prabhas-Veraval highway. There is a temple ...

Laxminarayan Temple

Temple in Somnath
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Lakshmi-Narayan Mandir, situated on the banks of Triveni Theerth, is one of the famous pilgrim spots nearby Somnath. The temple, built in modern Indian ...

Gita Mandir

Temple in Somnath
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Gita Mandir, also known as Birla Mandir, is one of the popular attractions nearby Somnath. Built in 1970 by the Birlas at Dehotsarg campus situated in the ...

Dehotsarg Teerth

Temple in Somnath

Dehotsarg Teerth is another pilgrim spot in the vicinity of Somanth temple, at about one and a half kilometre away. It is believed that Lord Krishna took his ...

Panch Pandava Gufa

Temple in Somnath

Panch Pandava Gufa is one of the tourist attractions situated near Lalghati in Somnath. This cave has a temple dedicated to the Pandavas. The temple was built ...

Treeveni Sangam Snanghat

Lake/River/Water body in Somnath

Treeveni Sangam Snanghat is holy confluence of the three rivers Hiran, Kapila and Saraswati and their sangam with the ocean is a very sacred moksha tirtha for ...

Kamnath Mahadev Temple

Temple in Somnath
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Kamnath Mahadev temple is a renowned temple in Somnath, with a holy pond known as Dudhiyu Talav in the temple complex, which is believed to have majestic ...

Suraj Mandir

Temple in Somnath

Suraj Mandir .It is one of the few living temples dedicated to lord Sun ! it is after climbing few steps and nearby hingaraj cave the way to hingraj cave is ...

Junagadh Gate

Place to Visit in Somnath

Junagadh Gate is one of the historical attractions nearby Somnath temple of Prabhas Kshetra. Somnath can be reached only through the gateway called Junagadh ...

Prabhas Patan Museum

Museum in Somnath
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Prabhas Patan Museum is located at check post very near to Somnath Temple. It is managed by Government of Gujarat. The Museum is collection of antique ornaments...