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Sobhanath Temple

Temple in sravasti

This Jain temple is located near the entrance of ancient Sravasti City (Mahet), when approached from west side. The temple is locally known as the temple of ...


Place to Visit in sravasti

Jetavana Garden

Garden/Botanical Garden in sravasti

Jetavana Monastery, The Jetavana Monastery Shravasti was one of the most famous of the Buddhist monasteries in India. It was the second monastery donated to ...


Place to Visit in sravasti
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Saheth is a cluster of shrines situated in the middle of Sravasti and covers an area of around 32 sq. km. It is an important pilgrimage site with various ...


Place to Visit in sravasti
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Pyagpur Sravasti is one of the most popular historical sites. Sometimes it was an Indian princely state. Remnants of the old architecture and buildings still ...

Anathapindika Stupa

Monument in sravasti

Anathapindika Stupa is believed to have been built by Anathapindika, a chief disciple of Buddha. Literal meaning of Anathapindika is 'feeder of the orphans or ...

Angulimal Stupa

Monument in sravasti
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Angulimala Stupas are also known as Pakki Kuti , Any one can easly reach to Pakki Kuti by Sobhnath Darwaza , by a linked road with Shobhnath Temple to ...

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