Must see points of interest in Surat

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Surat recommended by our experts:

Iskcon Temple

Temple in Surat

It is the one of the famous and the biggest temple of the Surat city with the Temple area of about 13600 sq.ft.It gets the largest devotees during the Festivals...

Dutch, English And Armenian Cemeteries

Place to Visit in Surat

The Dutch garden in Surat is essentially cemeteries of the officers who landed and settled in Gujarat on their business ventures. Dutch garden is one of the ...

Suvali Beach

Beach in Surat

Suvali Beach is one of the best beach in Surat. Suvali is 28 km from the city and Ubhrat is 42 km out, while Tithal is 108 km away and only five km from ...

Dumas Beach

Beach in Surat

Dumas Beach is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea located 21 km South west of Surat City in Indian state of Gujarat. This beach is famous for its black sand. ...

Swaminarayan Temple

Temple in Surat

Swaminarayan temples, like other Hindu temples, have walkways around the central shrine to allow worshipers to circumambulate the shrine. These are often ...

Chintamani Jain Temple

Temple in Surat

Chintamani Jain temple built under the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb at the end of the 17th century, has a deceivingly simple exterior, but is remarkably crafted ...

Ambika Niketan Temple

Temple in Surat
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Ambika Niketan Temple is must visit for all the surtis during Navaratri. One of the cleanest temples around. Also the Ambe Maa's idol is breathtakingly ...

Gore Gariba Kabrastan

Place to Visit in Surat

Its a cemetery which is been there more than thousand year as per the information.which is very clean, calm and peacefull place.

Other Recommendations

Blues Adventures

Activity Place in Surat

Blues Adventures is a complete recreational and adventure project aimed to offer water-sports Activities, Amusement Park and Restaurants for the people of ...