Must see points of interest in Wenzhou

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Wenzhou recommended by our experts:

Yandang Mountain

Mountain in Wenzhou

Yandang Mountain is probably best done together with near by Nanxi River by renting a taxi for the whole day, should cost ¥300-500.).

Wenzhou Jiangxian Island

Place to Visit in Wenzhou

This small strip of islet in Wenzhou . full of amusement, scenery, temple, parks, rides etc.. and a small lake within this islet makes it even more beautiful.

Wenzhou Jiushan Park

Park in Wenzhou

Wenzhou Jiushan Park contains Songtai hill, Jiushan long bank and Jiushan inside and outside river with an area of 10.5 hectares. The Jiushan long bank was ...

Wenzhou Amusement Park

Amusement Park in Wenzhou

Wenzhou Amusement Park is a top grade tourism theme park invested and constructed by the Sino-American joint venture enterprise Wenzhou Amusement Park Co., Ltd...

Other Recommendations

Wenzhou Paradise

Place to Visit in Wenzhou

Wenzhou Paradise (温州乐园), [1]. Located in Wenzhou city Ouhai District streets Xia Ao village, Yishanbangshui and built, Wenzhou park is a Sino-US joint venture ...

East Gate Street

Place to Visit in Wenzhou

East Gate Street (东门街; Dōngménjiē), (Northeast of 5 horses, closer to the river). Another pedestrian street, less to see than 5 horses, but it is longer and has...


Place to Visit in Wenzhou

Oubei (瓯北; ōuběi), (You can take a boat across the river from 2 different docks, both east of the one to Jiangxin island, costing ¥1.5 each way). The town on ...

Teach English

Things to do in Wenzhou

Teach English. Schools licensed to employ foreigners to teach English include D.D. Dragon, Dr Mike's, Kid’s Castle, English First and Web International English...

Orient (wenzhou) Golf Country Club

Golf Course in Wenzhou

Hidden away at the top of a mountain range in the central district of WenZhou, the Orient (WenZhou) Country Club was the first course in the area. The course ...

Jiangxin Island

Place to Visit in Wenzhou

Jiangxin Island (江心岛; Jiāngxīndǎo). An island in the middle of the Oujiang river that runs through Wenzhou. The island has an old pagoda and a new pagoda, large...