Must see points of interest in Xiamen

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Xiamen recommended by our experts:

Nanputuo Temple

Temple in Xiamen
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Nanputuo Temple A big Buddhist temple outside Xiamen University at Xiada (short for Xiamen University) Street. Visitors can climb the mountain behind the ...

Xiamen Piano Museum

Museum in Xiamen

The Piano Museum is located on the Gulangyu Island in the Tide Viewing Tower of Shuzhuang Garden. The island is often known as the piano island simply ...

Gulang Huandao Road

Place to Visit in Xiamen

This road is clean and beautifully landscaped, with all sorts of tropical trees, flowers, and bushes. We spent the majority of our trip visiting sites on or ...

Gulangyu Island

Place to Visit in Xiamen
Must See

Gulangyu is an island off the coast of Amoy / Xiamen city, Fujian province in southern China, It is home to about 20,000 people and is a domestic tourist ...

Xiamen Botanical Garden

Garden/Botanical Garden in Xiamen

Xiamen Botanical Garden, known as the Wanshi Botanical Garden, is a carefully designed botanical garden around Modanyan Reservoir on the northern slope of Shi ...

Xiamen Shuzhuang Garden

Garden/Botanical Garden in Xiamen

Shuzhuang Garden is located on the south side of Gulangyu Island, Fujian Province. Built in 1931, its original use was as the privet villa of Lin Erjia, a ...

Riguang Mountain

Mountain in Xiamen
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Riguang Rock is also called Moving Rock. It is the summit of Gulang Islet. On the mountain, huge and precipitous rocks form many caves and gullies. Pavilions ...

International Lettering Museum Of Art Of Xiamen

Museum in Xiamen
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Is a famous spot of Gulangyu Island is a small museum near the flower garden. Works of Japanese are also a large number exhibition. Still interesting and as a ...

Huli Mountain Fort

Monument in Xiamen
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Ancient Fort at Huli Hill was built in 1891 and is located on the Hulishan Shore, south of Xiamen. It occupies an area of 13,000 square meters. It fully ...

Haiwan Park

Park in Xiamen
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Haiwan Park is located on the west side of Hubin Xilu and between the west Xiamen waters and Yundang Lake. The park covers an area of 200,100 square meters. The...

Riyuegu Aquatic Park

Park in Xiamen
YouthParksFriendsMust See

The Riyuegu Aquatic Park was an amazing experience! There are 50-60 hot springs throughout the property. Each one is unique and relaxing. I was disppointed in ...

Jimei Jiageng Park

Place to Visit in Xiamen

Jimei Jiageng Park is located in the southeast coast of Xiamen City It was built in memory of Sir Chen Jiageng, namely the founder of Xiamen University, a ...

Zhongshan Park

Park in Xiamen

Zhongshan Park is a common name for Chinese parks, in honour of Sun Yat-sen , better-known in Chinese as Sun Zhongshan, who is considered by many to be the ...

Baicheng Beach

Beach in Xiamen

Baicheng Beach is located between Yanwu Bridge and Hulishan Fort. The views from the beach are pretty impressive, especially the contrasting natural setting ...

Wuyuanwan Wetland Park

Park in Xiamen

Located at the south edge of Wuyuanwan, Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park is the largest park in Xiamen. The park has been reconstructed and developed from the original ...

Yuyuan Garden

Amusement Park in Xiamen

Yuyuan Garden was first established in Ming dynasty by a mandarin named Pan yunduan who used to be the governor of Sichuan and later expanded greatly. The ...

Xiamen Bridge

Place to Visit in Xiamen

The Xiamen Zhangzhou Bridge is a 11.70 kilometres (7.27 mi) bridge across the Jiulong River estuary as the river enters Xiamen Bay.The bridge's main cable-...

Organ Museum

Museum in Xiamen

Organ Museum is located in the Trigram House (Bagualou) northwestern Gulangyu, which is currently the only and the largest organ museum in the world. Matched ...

Xiamen Dragon Boat Pond

Lake/River/Water body in Xiamen

Lovely pond for a lovely walk and enjoy the views of the grand buildings of the Jimei school village. You may wish to refer to my review on Jimei Tourist Area. ...