Popular forts and palaces in Ajmer

Here's a list of Popular forts and palaces in Ajmer recommended by our experts:

Taragarh Fort

Monument in Ajmer
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Built in 1354, it used to be a major vanguard for the Chauhan forces. It has three impressive gateways that will have you hooked with their architectural ...

Akbar's Palace & Museum

Museum in Ajmer

But any history lover who is interested in Mughul History should not miss this Akbar's palace. Now it houses a museum.This is the place where prince Jehangir ...

Ropangarh Fort

Monument in Ajmer

A visit to this fort will be an enriching experience for the history lovers. The royal style of living of the kings in the 17 th century is clearly depicted in...

Other Recommendations

Taragarh Fort

Things to do in Ajmer

A mighty fort and palace founded by Prithviraj Chauhan, the last Hindu King of India.The place is so beautiful that you would like to visit it again & again. ...

Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Place to Visit in Ajmer
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Dargah Sharif or Ajmer Sharif is a sufi shrine of sufi saint, Moinuddin Chishti (RA) located at Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. The shrine has the grave (Maqbara) of ...

Government Museum

Museum in Ajmer

The museum is among the most frequently visited Museums in Ajmer and is an essential part of the Tours to Ajmer. The Ajmer Government Museum is located in the ...

Bhim Burj And Garbha Gunjan

Place to Visit in Ajmer

Bhim Burj and Garbha Gunjan are located within the Taragarh Fort. Garbha Gunjan is a cannon that was housed under the Bhim Burj. This structure is a stone tower...

Rani Mahal

Monument in Ajmer

Rani Mahal is located inside the Taragarh Fort Ajmer king's wives, concubines and Upstrion was made for. The building made of glass with pale colored murals and...

Daulat Khana

Place to Visit in Ajmer

Daulat Khana is a huge rectangular palace, which has now been converted into a Government Museum. The museum houses a large collection of Mughal and Rajput ...