Popular golf courses and clubs in Chisinau

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Chisinau recommended by our experts:

Chisinau Golf Club

St. Calea Iesilor, 20, Chisinau, Moldova

The main goal of the project is the creation and establishment of the local recreation territory, which is located within the park zone near the Ghidigici Lake... more

Stefan Cel Mare, Chisinau

Stefan cel Mare, Chisinau, Moldova

Stefan cel Mare park is the oldest park in Chisinau. It represents a very relaxing place with several fountains and grand oaks some of them aged 150 years old. ... more

Riscani Park

Chisinau, Moldova

Riscani Park. A big, 32 hectare wooded park offering you pleasant, almost secluded walks. Use bus 5 or A.

Parcul Alunelul

Zorile Factory Bus Stop, Calea Ie��ilor, Chisinau, Moldova

Parcul Alunelul - Situated near a former Soviet theme park, this contains a strange door-less and window-less house, as well as a memorial to the pogroms in ... more

Military Museum

Courtyard on the corner of Str. 31 August & Str. Tighina 47, you can find here the Military Museum, containing all sorts of Soviet Era military vehicles (tanks...

Parcul "ștefan Cel Mare"

Chişinău, Moldova , Chisinau

Central Park "Stefan the Great" is the oldest park in Moldova, located in the center of the capital, dated from 1818. It has a surface about 7 hectare, 50 ... more

Botanica Park

Botanical Garden, Gradina Botanica, Chisinau, Moldova

Botanica Park. The most beautiful and the largest in Chisinau, situated near the Gates Of The City.