Popular golf courses and clubs in Enschede

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Enschede recommended by our experts:

Enschedese Golfclub Prinses Wilhelmina

Maatmanweg 27, 7522 AN Enschede, Netherlands
Phone: +31 53 433 7992

The challenging 9-hole course at Golf Club Princess Wilhelmina is located in a park-like setting with streams and ponds lined with beautiful trees and ... more

$ 29 average cost

Twentsche Golf Club

Almelo 17 7495 TG Ambt-Delden , Enschede
Phone: +31 (074) 384-1167

18 holes Golf course. Twentsche Golf Club offers the opportunity to play golf. Twentsche in Landscape since 1926 We have always been a club for members that is... more

$ 97 average cost

Synagogue Enschede

Prinsestraat 14 , Enschede
Phone: ☎ 053 4324507

Synagogue Enschede, Prinsestraat 14, ☎ 053 4324507, [7]. wed, sun, 11-17. Reputedly the most beautiful synagogue of the Netherlands. Tours available on sunday ... more

Stadshaard Enschede

Deurningerstraat, Roombeek , Enschede

Stadshaard Enschede, Deurningerstraat, Roombeek. Enschede's heating and power station, which was (perhaps unfairly) ellected the "ugliest building of ... more

Grote Kerk

Oude Markt , Enschede

Grote Kerk, Oude Markt. Enschede's "central church" is also the oldest building of the city, dating from the Middle Ages (1200), although it has undergone ... more

Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Lasondersingel 129-131. , Enschede
Phone: fax: +31 (0)53 4359002, phone: +31 (0)53 438675

Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Lasondersingel 129-131., (info@rijksmuseumtwenthe.nl, fax: +31 (0)53 4359002, phone: +31 (0)53 438675), [6]. Tu-Su 11AM-5PM. Large ... more


7523 Roombeek, The Netherlands , Enschede

Roombeek, (10 min. walk north from Enschede Centraal station), [4]. Roombeek is the neighborhood between Deuningerstraat and Oldenzaalstraat, north of ... more


Volkspark, 7513 Enschede, The Netherlands

Volkspark, (10 min. walk from Enschede Centraal station), [8]. The Volkspark is a beautiful park close to the city center. It was constructed in 1872 to serve ... more


De Klomp 35 , Enschede

Elderinkshuis, De Klomp 35. The oldest building in the city (other than the Grote Kerk), built in 1783. It doesn't look extraordinary but it has the feat of ...

University Of Twente

University of Twente has a number of buildings with interesting architecture, such as the Drienerlo tower, the Cubicus and the student dormitory at the crossing...