Popular golf courses and clubs in Haapsalu

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Haapsalu recommended by our experts:

Haapsalu Golf

Posti 21, Haapsalu, 90502 Läänemaa, Estonia
Phone: +372 525 0261

Haapsalu Golf Course is a heathland links-type golf course where the altitude differences are small and there are no trees and bushes, but instead three ... more

$ 23 average cost

Haapsalu Castle


The history of the episcopal Castle of Haapsalu dates back to the 13-th century when Haapsalu was first mentioned in written documents. It is one of the most ... more

Haapsalu Resort Hall

Promenaadi tn, Haapsalu

Haapsalu Resort Hall, Promenaadi tn, Haapsalu. The timber-laced Resort Hall and the Bandstand on the seaside Promenade were built at the end of the 19th century... more

Haapsalu Railway Station

Raudtee tn 2, Haapsalu

Haapsalu Railway Station, Raudtee tn 2, Haapsalu. The Haapsalu Station building was custom designed, because the resort town was a favourite holiday site for ... more

Haapsalu Shawl Museum

Ehte tn 4, Haapsalu

Haapsalu Shawl Museum, Ehte tn 4, Haapsalu. The Haapsalu Shawl, an extremely fine knitted shawl that can be pulled through a woman's ring, has been the symbol ... more

Estonian Railway Museum

Raudtee tn 2, Haapsalu

Estonian Railway Museum, Raudtee tn 2, Haapsalu. The Estonian Railway Museum is located in the beautiful and historic Haapsalu Railway Station. To see historic ... more