Popular golf courses and clubs in Kaunas

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Kaunas recommended by our experts:

Elnias Golf Club

4303 Didžiosios Lapes Kaunas Lithuania
Phone: +370 3747 0237

Elnias Golf Club [69] - set at Didziosios Lapes settlement, the first golf club in Lithuania, opened in 2000, is famous not only as sports activity, but also as... more

Kaunas Officers' Club

Kaunas Officers' Club - A. Mickevičiaus str. 19. One of the finest examples of Kaunas Interbellum architecture (Karininkų Ramovė in Lithuanian), especially from... more

Kaunas Fortress

Kaunas Fortress [47] - built between 1882 and 1915, it was designated a "first-class" fortress in Russian Empire in 1887. The fortress was battle-tested in 1915... more

The Kaunas Castle

The Kaunas Castle [29] - Papilio str. 17; Kaunas castle was built in the middle of XIV century and is the oldest building in Kaunas. Today the round tower of ... more

Kaunas Reservoir Beach

Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas Reservoir Beach is situated on the shore of Pažaislis park near Pažaislis church and monastery ensemble. The water is almost the purest of all Kaunas ... more

The Kaunas City Hall

The Kaunas City Hall [30]- Rotuses sq. 15, built in the middle of XVI century, at the time when Kaunas was flourishing city of merchants, City Hall is a nice ... more