Popular golf courses and clubs in Kiev

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Kiev recommended by our experts:

Royal Kiev Golf Club

Golf Course in Kiev

The fairways and greens are very good and the ruff is fairly short until heavy ruff starts. In the heavy ruff the grass tends to be half a meter though.. ...

Golden Gate Golf Club

Golf Course in Kiev

Started in February 2000, this golf course and resort appears to be the most promising for the earliest possible opening of an 18 hole golf course. The golf ...

Other Recommendations

Kiev Golf Club - Club Course

Golf Course in Kiev

A word «etiquette» is applied to golf probably more often than to any other sport. One can find an explanation to that in its nature that does not end within a ...

Kiev Golf Club - Chamberlain Course

Golf Course in Kiev

Kiev Golf Club "GolfStream" is among the ten best golf clubs in Europe. It includes: championship, classical and academic golf courses, 36 holes in total; ...

Kiev Golf Club - Park Course

Golf Course in Kiev

A nice and fairly easy 9 hole course. Excellent fairways and greens. No water hinders, and not to many bunkers. A good course to exercise on and the adjoining ...

Sun City Club & Beach

Beach in Kiev

Since other beaches are overcrowded, youth after their studies goes to this one, quite often without suntan accessories. :) This is how this beach became nude. ...

Caribbean Club

Things to do in Kiev

Caribbean Club is a great place for salsa lovers. It's a tiny club so often crowded, but still one of the most favourite places for dancing.

Kiev Tv Tower

Place to Visit in Kiev

Kiev TV Tower (Телевізійна вежа - Televiziyna vezha) is the tallest lattice tower in the world. It is not accessible for tourists.