Popular golf courses and clubs in Mosfellsbaer

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Mosfellsbaer recommended by our experts:

Kjolur Golf Club (mosfellsbaer)

Golf Course in Mosfellsbaer

At the first Board Meeting, it was decided to pursue the country Golf Course is now on. Before the land acquired had a lot of water to flow to the sea and a lot...

Other Recommendations

Bakkakot Golf Course

Golf Course in Mosfellsbaer

The main ingredients to promote Iceland's capital are the unique features of Reykjavík, such as the clean energy and unpolluted environment, numerous wellness ...

Halldór Laxness Museum (gljúfrasteinn)

Museum in Mosfellsbaer

Gljúfrasteinn, which became a museum in 2004, should interest most fans of the Nobel Prize-winning author. Halldór spent most of his adult life in this mid-20th...

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