Popular golf courses and clubs in Parnu

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Parnu recommended by our experts:

Parnu Golf Club

Golf Course in Parnu

Pärnu is a popular tourist destination and offers a selection of golden beaches, quality hotels and restaurants and attractive parks as well as excellent ...

Parnu Beach & Golf Resort

Golf Course in Parnu

"The nature is perfect for a good golf course; it is a nice mixture of different elements and the soil of the whole area is pure sand. It will be a very ...

White Beach Golf

Golf Course in Parnu

The White Beach Golf links course is situated near the city of Pärnu and in the very near vicinity of the Pärnu Gulf and hotel Villa Andropoff. The course was ...

Other Recommendations

Eliisabet's Church

Church in Parnu

Eliisabet's Church, Nikolai tn 22, Pärnu. Eliisabet's Church, inaugurated in 1750, is the most outstanding sacral building of the Baroque period in Estonia. One...

The Pärnu Jetty

Things to do in Parnu

The Pärnu Jetty, Seedri tn 6, Pärnu. The jetty has gained a romantic aura as a place for lovers to take walks on; however, before taking a walk there, be sure ...

Pärnu Town Hall

Place to Visit in Parnu

Pärnu Town Hall, Nikolai tn 3, Pärnu. The Town Hall is located in a house built in 1797 by the merchant P.R. Harder. In 1804, the Russian czar Alexander I ...