Popular golf courses and clubs in Timisoara

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Timisoara recommended by our experts:

Tite Golf Resort

307340 Recaș Romania , Timisoara
Phone: +49 15118931528

The Golf Course is located in Recas town, 23km from Timisoara. Driving directions: coming from Timisoara, when entering Recas take the first right, over the ... more

$ 17 average cost

Rent A Bike In Timisoara

Circumvalatiunii Street , Timisoara
Phone: ☎ 0724282453

Rent a Bike in Timisoara (tBike), Circumvalatiunii Street, ☎ 0724282453, [14]. 24. Explore the city of Timisoara with a bike. There are some special bike lanes ... more

Centre Culturel Français

Bd Loga , Timisoara

Centre culturel français, Bd Loga, [13]. The French and Francophile communities of Timisoara frequent the local CCF which organizes exhibits, concerts, and ...

The Zoo

Timișoara Zoo, Avram Imbroane 90, Timișoara 300136, Romania , Timisoara

The Zoo. Located in the same area as The Village Museum, it's a small zoo, but your children will love it.  

Piaţa Unirii (union Square)

Timișoara, Romania , Timisoara

Piaţa Unirii (Union Square). With its beautiful palaces and all the coffee houses it is the old city's center. Here you find The Catholic Dome, The Baroque ... more

The Bastion

Bastion, Timișoara, Romania , Timisoara

The Bastion. Part of Timisoara's old defensive walls. The Bastion is located near Piata Unirii, it has been recently renovated.  

The Village Museum

Banat Village Museum, Aleea CFR nr. 1, Timișoara, Romania , Timisoara

The Village Museum. Located near Padurea Verde (The Green Forest). Here you can discover the Romanian tradition.  

The Museum Of The Revolution

Ungureanu 8 , Timisoara

The Museum of the Revolution, Ungureanu 8 (Just west of Unirii square), [12]. A great museum to visit to better understand what happened in the short seven days... more