Popular Golfing Destinations in Albania

Here's a list of Popular Golfing Destinations in Albania recommended by our experts:

Durres, Albania


Durrës is the second largest city of Albania located on the central Albanian coast, about 33 km west of the capital Tirana. It is one of the most ancient and ...

Other Recommendations

Shengjin, Albania


Shëngjin (Albanian pronunciation: [ʃənˈɟin]; Albanian for St. John, Italian: San Giovanni di Medua) is a coastal town in the Lezha District, northwestern ...

Nice, Albania


Nice is Coupled with a sunny and temperate climate and beautiful beaches, the city is a major tourist destination attracting tourists from all across the world...

Peshkopi, Albania


Peshkopi (definite Albanian form: Peshkopia, Macedonian: Пешкопеја, Turkish: Debre-i Zir) is a city in Dibër District, Dibër County, northeastern Albania.

Bajram Curri, Albania


Bajram Curri (1862 – March 29, 1925) was an Albanian chieftain, politician and activist who struggled for the independence of Albania, later struggling for ...

Divjake, Albania


Divjakë is a municipality in the Lushnjë District, Fier County, western Albania.[1] It is well known for the National Park of Karavasta. Divjaka Beach has a ...